Cannot access voicemail

Cannot access voicemail

Cannot access voicemail

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Cannot access voicemail


When I try to access my voicemail, it says to enter my 10 digit phone number, but when I do, it tells the number doesn't exist for some reason?
I have an iPhone 6. 



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To access your voicemail, you simply need to Press and Hold 1 on your dial pad.  Is that how you're currently accessing your voicemail?


A few more questions if I may:

  1. When you access the Fido mobile app > Plan tan > My plan details. Is the voicemail listed in the available features?
  2. Have you previously completed the initial set up of your voicemail? Are callers able to leave you a voicemail message?
  3. When was the last time you've listened to your voicemail messages?

Let us know!