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Brightstar is reluctant to help. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2
I am in too much trouble already because of Brightstar's service. 
This thing started on May 23 when I originally lost my device. Brightstar sent me a new replacement device 3-4 days from then. But the device I received had a damaged touch and upon asking Brightstar, they advised me to get it checked at the nearest cellphone repair center. The technicians realized that the device had a faulty motherboard and couldn't be repaired by them. 
Brightstar was generous to send me a new replacement but they wanted some documents then, which I submitted but my Driver's License and Insurance papers aren't updated because I am a student and I changed my address on May 1. And because of COVID-19, the service ontario is closed and hence, I am unable to change my address on my Driver's License and Insurance Papers. That being said, Brightstar team still processed with those documents and sent me a new replacement device. But this time, because of Brightstar's mishandling, I received the device 2 weeks later from the anticipated date. I was expected to receive the device on June 1 but received it on June 11. 
Meanwhile, when I received the device, it worked perfectly fine for 2 days and suddenly stopped receiving cellular networks. I called in Brightstar the next day and upon checking, Brightstar realized that they forgot to stop the Investigation being run on the device (because the phone was either mishandled by brightstar or UPS courier service) and as a result, the device got blacklisted (IMEI: ************). I was assured by brightstar that within 24 hours, blacklist would be removed from my device but to my surprise, even after 48 hours, the device did not get removed from the blacklist. I called in again and they blamed it on FIDO (my carrier company). Upon talking to FIDO, they realized that FIDO is not responsible for blacklisting "Brightstar's devices". So, one gentleman from FIDO helped in mediating the process and got Brightstar to start a request to send me a new replacement device as Brightstar was unable to remove the device from the blacklist.
Finally, Brightstar agreed to send a replacement device and again asked for my documents. I did submit the documents - the same old documents that I submitted before with proper explanation about the unchanged address on Driver's License but this time, they rejected the documents and asked me to resubmit the Proof of Address and a Utility Bill. I submitted the Lease Agreement as a Proof of Address and it is duly mentioned in the lease agreement that all the utilities are included in the rent. So, I am not paying for any utility separately. So, that covers the Utility Bill Section as well.  Now, it's been more than a week that Brightstar is rejecting my documents and is not processing the request. 
I have not been at fault or any fraudulent activity that I am being tortured to get a new replacement device. Both the devices that Brightstar sent me were already sent in an unusable condition. Now, Brightstar is unwilling to send me a device because they want documents that are impossible for me to produce. All my utilities are paid off by the management of the residence building hence, I can't produce or present a utility bill. And because of the COVID-19 situation, I can't get the address changed on my Driver's license as well. When Brightstar did accept the documents submitted before why are they creating a barrier for me to get a phone in working condition?

I wasn't at any fault. It was always Brightstar who sent me bad devices that were either damaged or blacklisted. I paid 13$ per month for more than 3 years and then 452$ to get a replacement device but all I am left with is a phone which is blacklisted.


Hello @Hunarmalik


Let's take a look at your Brightstar claim together.

I'm sending you a PM . Talk to you soon.