Negative Balance

Negative Balance

Negative Balance

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Negative Balance


My name is Bruno, I had to leave Canada due to the coronavirus so I terminated my contract with Fido. For several months now I get my final bill with a negative balance. There is nothing I can do because I'm no longer at my adress and calling from Europe is not that easy so I dont now how to receive the money or contact Fido. The facebook is a virtual machine that does not answer my question and the live chat gives an error when submitting my question. What should I do ?






Hey @bvdrsche


You can contact customer service from abroad by calling 1-514-925-4590.


Alternatively, once you contact us via Facebook Messenger and get to the ASKJACK robot, you can then request to speak to an agent. 

We also have support available through Twitter DM.


I can also send you a PM here exceptionally, if you prefer. Smiley