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Brightstar is a scam- never buy and just get your plan from Best buy

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

When I got my new phone, this protection plan was marketed to me as a great service. However, they never tell you some small details that can hurt you later. Cracked my phone screen and when I called they pressured me to give a date of an indecent with out giving the reason. I provided a date and they told me that the indecent occurred before 60 days so you are not covered for this anymore!!!!

The damage started with a small crack which didn’t mater to me at the time, and then it got further damage because I dropped it within the period of 60 days that actually caused the phone to malfunction. However, they said no, the initial damage even though it was minor and even though I was traveling and did not have time to ask for a replacement, it cancelled my right to claim any new damage.

I could have simply lied and said I broke it the day before. They simply took that  initial made up date and used it against me ignoring that I was traveling and I was outside the country for more than a month and a half (which killed the 60 days rule) and couldn't report the indecent on the spot when it happened.

Seriously, can someone tell me what difference does it make if I damaged my phone yesterday or 2 month ago? Why have that in a contract other than to defraud people. They are just a fraud and they look for any excuses to get out of the responsibility. 

 I contact Fido and they said they cant do anything about this. I will contact the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and make an official complain against this company. Brightstar is trying to legalize theft by forcing useless rules that any one can lie around and get the replacement.

I would recommend getting your fido plan through Best Buy and get the BESTBUY protection service. I have been with them in the past and the service was great. But honestly after the service I got from Fido, I will for sure look for another service provider from best buy.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello AH85,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry to hear that you damaged your phone on your trip. Those small details were provided in the documentation you were given when you signed up for the protection. It is also found here. All insurance companies have some sort of time limit within which claims must be made. I'm sure Best Buy has their own limit as well.


  I understand you were away when the damage occurred, however, you could have filed the service request online before the time limit expired. At the very least, you could have contacted Brightstar to ask how best to proceed.


@AH85 wrote:..I could have simply lied and said I broke it the day before...

... Brightstar is trying to legalize theft by forcing useless rules that any one can lie around and get the replacement...

  I appreciate the fact you were honest with them. However, what you suggest by those statements is considered insurance fraud -- and it's a big problem. People have been complaining about their difficulties with Brightstar. I'm not defending Brightstar. The issue doesn't solely lie with the insurance companies, though. Too many people have been trying to defraud them. That's why the process is so thorough. Have you tried to make a claim with any other insurance provider (ie car or home, etc)? It's the same process, same time limitations.


Hope this helps 😀