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Probably a dumb question but here goes/ When will I get my first bill?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

So I’m not even sure this is the right spot so if it’s not let me know. Anywho, I got a new phone and my first bill will be approximately $105. Now...I’ve got some unforeseen expenses that just popped up...when can I expect my first bill to come it about a month after I got the new phone? Or like...a week? 



Hello @Ashc and welcome to the Community Smiley


There's no dumb questions over here. The Community is that tool you use to find your answers, I'm glad to see that you took a chance here.


The first invoice is always sent a few days after your billing cycle. Also, your activation date is the same as your billing cycle.

So your first invoice will be sent in a few days from now.


We understand that unexpected expenses can happen, so you do have the option to make a payment arrangement if needed. For this, you can find all the ways to reach us on our contact page here.