Bad signals solutions

Bad signals solutions

Bad signals solutions

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Bad signals solutions

Horrible service. Ok where to begin. I have been with Fido for 10 years and paying on  time 80$ every month. The technical support his a not efficient at all. I have a bad signal at my new home. I must have spend 6 hours triing to get support. They are not calling back. Only sending useless e-mails and textos asking me if the problem his not resolve to call back. Not even a direct number, fourth time i try, i get put on hold a couple times in a row,  not even being abble to speak to the technician....  Last time i asked to speak to cancellation and hade a moment of illusion we where in 2nd gear.noop!


I bought on my own, 300$,  wilson antenna wich did not help enough.


Anybody knows how to talk to one of there real technician?






Hey @Alexandrebc


Were you able to follow on the suggestions provided by KAPABLE-K and Cawtau? 


Let us know.

I'm a Participant Level 3



Thank you for your answers. 


Still got a bad signal . Could not call this morning.




But here his my inicial question:

Anybody knows how to talk to one of there real technician?



 4th time i loose my time with a case number, that forces me to be on hold more than once each time, never getting to speak to a real technician only the first line... As soon has i have some time i am gone change company:


Rogers Msg: Thanks for reporting a problem with your Rogers Wireless. We have been unable to identify an issue at this time. If you're still having an issue, please contact us  and quote case number C133690...

Hey Alexandrebc!


Thanks for getting back to the Community with an update. We definitely wouldn't want to see you go. 


Have you had a chance to read over KAPABLE-K's posts? Did any of their suggestions help?


If not, could you provide us more details by answering the questions they've asked in regards to your situation? 

Hi @Alexandrebc We haven't heard back from you. Was your situation resolved? Please let the community know.

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Hello Alexandrebc,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having poor signal issues at your new home. Unfortunately, given the nature of cellular service, not all mobile providers will suit everyone at all locations. Cellular service depends on your location relative to your surrounding cellular towers. The different providers have their cellular towers strategically placed to provide the best coverage for most of their customers. If your new house happens to be outside of that coverage, there isn't much technical support can to to improve signal. In addition, since there are so many factors which can affect cellular signal, mobile providers cannot guarantee service at all locations -- even within coverage.


  That said, you noted bad signal at your new home. Does your phone get any signal at all when you're at home? Does your phone connect to extended coverage (Fido-EXT) at all when you're at home?


@Alexandrebc wrote:...

I bought on my own, 300$,  wilson antenna wich did not help enough.

  I assume you purchased a cell phone booster. Have you verified the device is designed to amplify the necessary bands/frequencies? You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. In addition, is the antenna you're using directional or omni-directional? Directional antennae need to be pointing towards the cellular tower. You can get an idea of your surrounding cellular towers here.


  Something else to note is that your closest cellular tower may not use all of the bands/frequencies. If your device is designed to amplify 3G signals and your closest cellular tower only broadcasts 4G signals, there won't be any signal from that tower to boost.


  Do your neighbours also have similar issues with their cellular providers?


Hope this helps Smiley




Hello @Alexandrebc,


Welcome to the community!


Are you the only one in your house having that problem? Because the problem could be phone related. If you have access to another phone that you could try and see if the problem goes away. 


If you got your phone from Fido and has the WiFi calling feature that could be an option to use when you are home. 


I would suggest you try your SIM in another phone to see if you can replicate the problem.