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Ask Jack Suck and so do Call Back Agents

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I wanted to express my deep frustration and disappointment with the recent phone call I had with a callback agent. 

These guys are  labelled “Customer solution specialists”.  No idea why


It was extremely disheartening to have the call abruptly ended while I was in the midst of explaining my concerns regarding my phone plan.  


I believe in open communication and was hoping to convey my issues and expectations clearly to find a resolution. However, the way the call ended left me feeling unheard and frustrated.


I am new in this community and not sure if there are any Fido reps on here, who will be reading this post.


This is not first time i have experienced this kind of scenario but just fed now and felt need to share.

All I wanted was to discuss issue with  my current phone plan and find a suitable solution.

I was simply explaining in simple plain English and then line just went silent and phone cut off.


So frustrated, I had to wait 4 days before someone actually called me back and then this happens.    Even more annoying is fact that agent didn’t bother calling back after hanging up.    


I am done with Fido.  I’ll take business else where!!!


Wasted my time.    Really really pissed off!!



Hey @Mav25,


That's not the impression we want to portray as we always aim to provide the best service for our customers. We would like to sincerely apologize on behalf of the agent. 


With that said, please feel free to contact us if you still need assistance, you can reach us out on our social media pages here.


We would love to go over the situation with you. 😀