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A deal and that was retracted in a Deceiving way

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello there,

I am writing to you about a recent and very disappointing experience with Fido and its customer support. The issue started yesterday when I received a notice about a change to my account that I didn't gave a consent to. On Dec. 10, 2020, I talked (chatted) to one of Fido agents, his name is ***** and the chat iD is ########. At the end of that conversation he offered me a deal that I accepted and gave my consent to. I switched my service from "bring you device" to a 2 year contract and I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro. The deal was to put $250 upfront and pay $22.93 monthly for the device. This is on top of a $50 monthly payment for the plan. I asked him two times in that chat to confirm that I will be putting $250 up front and be paying $22.93 + $50 a month for iPhone 12 Pro, dark blue. This is the deal that I was promised and I gave a consent to. He told me that there is 3 weeks wait for the phone, and I said that's ok. Now after more than 4 weeks waiting for my new phone, I received a totally different deal/contract yesterday. 

Before writing this post, I spent/wasted more than two hours with Fido representative hoping that he will help. Unfortunately the best he could do was suggesting that since I am still within the 15 days period I still can return the phone!!!! I asked for a supervisor to talk to, he said no one is available and I should get a call back, which didn't happen. 

This is my sad and unpleasant story that I hope Fido can make right for me. This is my right I guess after being a Fido customer for more than 7 years. I still have the chat we had in Dec. 10 that confirms the deal that I was offered. The deal that I confirmed two times before giving my consent to make the changes to my account. 

I hope to hear back from Fido soon. Otherwise, unfortunately, I will have to take this to CRTC. 



Hey @aa2020ba !


Welcome to the Community. Smiley


I'm truly sorry to hear that you were disappointed with your recent experience with us, and that you didn't receive the offer you signed up for.


We've received your PM as well, so we'll continue to discuss there in order to access your account securely.


Talk to you soon!