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Help me stop getting $8 daily charges for roaming

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi, can someone help me?

I have tried to find a phone # to contact fido support when my trip began but it seems to be impossible.


I am on an extended trip in the USA helping care for an ill family member. For ONLY the first few days of my trip I used the Fido roam service at $8 per day; after that I turned off cellular data on my phone to use only WIFI and iMessage. However, upon getting my bill, I have a bunch of random dates charged at $8 per day after I had turned off cellular data. Are these happening when my wifi blips out for a second during the same moment I am sending an iMessage, and it goes through as a text? How can I stop this?


My phone plan is at $120 a month, which I am not using due to being out of the country. That is fine, but I CANNOT AFFORD the $8 charges on top of that  which cause my bill to nearly double.


I am an unemployed artist, i'm not eligible for government support, i'm having a hard time making payments as it is and have already dug myself a huge hole of debt during this pandemic.  How can I further disable getting these charges while I am caring for my parent? Is there any way at all to reverse some of these charges for days that I was not actually using data? Please help..



Hello @larouge,


If your roaming is turned on, as soon as your phone receives a text, a call or uses data, it will trigger the FidoROAM feature which will charge you $8 per day depending on the location. 


If you don't want to use this at all, I recommend you keep your roaming feature off on your phone or put it on airplane mode. You can still turn your Wi-Fi on while being on airplane mode.