$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

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$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

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$150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???


I've signup for Fido internet on Sept 6 during a promo with $150 amazon gift. Initially the gift card was supossed to arrive in 30 days, upon follow up, I was told I should receive a link within 6 wks from registration. 6 wks passed...no card/link.

Called customer care on Oct 17, escalation ticket was created and was told in less than a week a link will be sent. Week passed on Oct 24...no card/link.

Chatted with support (via chat)  on Oct 24, agent advised that link will be sent by Oct 26 (Monday)...surprise, surprise still no card/link.

Today I spent 45 min on call, chatted with agent, agent advised me that I have to wait another 3wks....well done Fido!!!


Fido get your act together, I will cancel my account on Dec 8 if card/link is not im my mailbox in 4wks.

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Re: $150 Amazon Gift Card in 30 days, 6/7/8/11wks???

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Hey everyone! We understand a lot of you are experiencing some delays with your gift cards and we want to provide some clarifications as well as an update as we know you're all excited to get your gift cards!


Our home internet promos with the gift cards have proven to be quite popular and we'd like to thank you all for joining! That said, the reality is that we are experiencing some delays and we know it's been frustrating for a lot of you. We're working hard on this together with our vendor to get all gift cards and registrations e-mails to all of you asap! Smiley


Right now, there are 2 possible scenarios so please check out the below to see where you fall in order to take the appropriate steps.


Scenario 1: Did not receive registration e-mail


The registration e-mail for the gift card takes about 6 weeks from the activation date to be received. If it's been 6 weeks and you haven't received it please don't worry as we're going to look into it with you! Please contact us if this is the case and we'll check it out. 


Scenario 2: Registered via registration e-mail and didn't receive the card yet


For this scenario, if you received the registration e-mail and not the actual card there are some things to keep in mind, such as :


- If a physical card was selected, delays can be longer than a digital one (within 4 weeks)

- If you chose a digital card, please check your junk mail to make sure it's not there (within 2 weeks)


If you still did not receive the card then please reach out to our vendor, Merkle, directly for an update. The e-mail address is : customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com and in your e-mail be sure to include: 


•       In the subject line: GWP + the gift with purchase offered/selected
•       Name:
•       Email:
•       Account Number:
•       Purchase and activation dates:
•       A brief summary of the issue:


Merkle should get back to you within 3 business days.


Important: It's important to note that if you were eligible for one of the below offers:

- $150 Amazon or Walmart gift cards

- $100 Amazon or Walmart gift cards with the $65 package

and you did register that there are additional delays with those specific offers. We expect to get all gift cards out in the next 2 weeks; there is no need to e-mail Merkle.


Please make sure to always check your Spam and Junk email folders as the emails would be sent from fido@prepaiddigitalsolutions.com, fido@e.helloworldmail.com OR Fido@e.helloworldemail.com.


I do hope that helps everyone out. If you haven't received the registration email and have reviewed all the points above, you can send us a PM by following the steps found here . 


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Hey @Nearandfar


Welcome to the Community. 

We moved your post here as it is on the same topic. You can find more information relating to these offers in the accepted solution. 

I am sorry to see you're having difficulties with your connection. Have you tried rebooting the modem? If this doesn't improve the situation, we would recommend contacting our Fido Home Internet Technical Support team, they're available through live chat 24/7. 



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Hi @FidoClaudia @FidoSaad 

My order was on Sept 11 and service started on the 15th, It's Nov and  I've not received the gift card yet.

No junk or any emails  from Fido.

It's really not encouraging to see so many complaints on th same issue and that you have not figured how to resolve the problem.

What is the escalation process? Who we call? Can someone look into this?


Hey @JK28


In this case we would suggest reaching out through one of the options on our Contact us page so we can take a closer look into this with you.


We can also send you a PM from here if you would prefer. Let us know! 



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Yeah good luck with contacting Fido, on hold for an hour and still no rep.  Also tried live chat, also waiting for close to 30 mins for an agent.

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Hi @FidoPierre 


Please PM me from here.




Sure thing! I'll send you a PM so we can continue together from there. Smiley 

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I have 3 other friends which enrolled into this 'deal' (they conviced me) and they heard the same excuses. 

How come Fido's invoices don't get lost or land in junk/spam folders Smiley


I also suggested that I'm ok with credit on the account instead of gift card, 'wow sir, we can't do that' rep advised me Smiley


Unfortunatelly this looks like a false advertisment.

My next call to Fido's rep will be on Dec 8 to cancel my account (day before next billing cycle).

Hey @Shoeman75, @Damian72


To clarify, the email registration for the gift card is sent by our vendor. Since it's not an email you'd usually get, we do suggest confirming if it's in your junk mail under "fido@e.helloworldmail.com"


That said, here's what you need to know about the offer, along with a quick checklist:


  1. Up to 6 weeks after activating and installing the service, you'll receive a registration email. (if it's been more than 6 weeks without any email, please let us know)
  2. Once you complete the registration email, you can select an e-gift or a physical gift card
    • E-gifts should be issued within 1-2 weeks, and physicals cards within 3-4 weeks.
  3. For activations completed after August 10th 2020, we're currently experiencing some delays in processing the registration emails, in some cases. We are working to resolve this and do expect the email to be sent out within the next two weeks.


If you've already completed the email registration, you can follow up on the status of your gift card directly with the vendor at customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com. The email subject line is (250857) and the body should include the following:

  • Name: -----
  • Email: -----
  • Account Number: -----

They should get back to you within 3 business days Smiley


Hope this helps.

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Signed up for this back in October & still haven't received my $50 giftcard. I've called 3 times now, each time waited 40+mins to connect to someone who could help me out. Each time they said they escalated it & will receive an email within 5 business days but it never comes through.

Can someone help me plz

Hey @Hasaan23 !


I've merged your post to this thread, as it deals with the same topic.
Please refer to the solution for more details on the offer.


Hope this helps Smiley

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This is not accurate in my experience.


I registered for my ELECTRONIC gift card on 5-Oct-2020 and have not received it in my inbox or spam. I sent an email to the address you provided earlier this month and they said it would take a couple week from registration. I sent additional follow ups and they no longer respond. 


If not received by end of coming week I will be canceling. This is absolutely ridiculous!


Internet Setup : 29-Aug-2020 

Registration Email: 5-Oct-2020 

No gift card to date. I suggest people don't waste their time with this offer. The wait is ridiculous. 

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Similar experience.  Internet Setup date was Aug 23rd for me, still no registration email in my inbox or junk/spam folder.

Hey @Shoeman75 and @LAMM,


This is really not the experience we want you to have and we apologize sincerely!


I'll be sending you both a PM so we can further investigate and sort it out, I assure you that we want this resolved as much as you do! 


See you in PM real soon!




Hello @Damian72,


Welcome to the community!


Definitely understand how important it is to receive your gift card as quickly as possible. Make sure you keep an eye on your Junk folder in case you receive it there. 



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Activated Sept 17 and haven't seen no clue of the card. Called customer service, a ticket was escalated but no reference number was given. Can anyone else here help me please?

Hey there @ssachdeva5


We've moved your post to this thread as it's related to your question. Can you please confirm if you've received the registration email at least?


Let us know Smiley

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No! Now if you are were to say, did you check your spam folder: Yes I did!


Get help: called them, ticket escalated (October 29> Nothing till today)


Twitter: I think that rep was named Saad too so as you, so not sure if we talked already but here's the amusing reply I got.

"My account was never activated with a promotion. Now another 6 weeks they ask" >>>>JOKE


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Never mind. Got my gift card today. Thank you fido and sorry for the ranting.! Cheers mods

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I set up home internet back in September  with the promotion for the $150 amazon gift card and i still have not recieved any emails or instructions on how to obtain the gift card.

Hey @erdalcevik


We moved your post to this tread here as you can find more information about this in the Accepted Solution above. 




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Just an update for anyone wondering; 2 weeks later and still no giftcard. A couple of agents look into it and each provide the answer to wait 5 more business days.