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$10 Talk and Text price increase to $12

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

When I received the monthly reminder to refill my plan on my phone this morning, it reported that the plan costs $12 instead of the normal $10. There is no information anywhere online about a price hike being made, and I never received a message informing me either.


Should we not have been told about something like this happening?


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
  • What do I get for the $12.   Inch have this plan, but cannot find what it covers.  

Hey @Delazreg,


You can check out our current prepaid deals and what they offer here.


Hope this helps!

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

As usual yet another Fido "expert" reading from "the script." Anthony IS WRONG!This is not the first time Fido has slipped something in or by either. I actually had to call today (November 24th) to inquire/complain about the $2 increase. Admittedly, 2 bucks in this day and age isn't much but here's what's happened to really get me going. January 2020 I call up customer service since I was slowly having to chew away at my high prepaid balance I had for quite a few years. Last 2 of those years entailed the whole previous nonsense where those who had banked high amounts as I had, were being advised that Fido would be setting a cap of a max. of $150. So, users had to blow the balances they had built up over whatever time they had done so or and I quote "they would lose that amount exceeding the $150. No surprise that after much backlash they decided to "try" to convince users to start using some of what they had accumulated since as many questioned "why do you need such a high amount stored or saved if you're not going to use the minutes anyway?" For myself and as I advised "none of your business, there really weren't any terms in the policy that stated that the $10 I would add each month, meant that I actually had to use it. With me here still? Today, November 24th I look into my online accout, one that I've actually had for 8 years. Under "Transaction Type" it shows "$10 Talk and Text Plan" and to the right, "Amount of $12.00." I too did NOT receive any notification of a price increase and the quote from not one but 2 CSR's was "we sent out text messages in August...." No, actually they did NOT, at least not to me. I'll tell you as well, I was using this account and phone quite a lot in July and August since the number was one I had for a house I sold ie: a lot of usage. It's not the first time Fido has made a change of some kind, didn't advise me about the pending change and then made it anyway. I explained to the CSR "for other issues in the past I've called up ASAP when something was attempted to slip it by." I spoke to a CSR in January 2020, kept detailed notes of that conversation and the rep being in Cebu, even had a discussion with her about our province of MB. The offer made to me on that day WAS $10 per month for Talk and Text and for the next 12 months and to expire in 2021-January 29th actually. That's the deal I agreed to and once again, $2 is nothing but it's once again another dirty, dishonest tactic by Fido. And finally, after speaking to a CSR for quite sometime today I went over my past history with Fido and even though I was credited with $2 per month for the next 3 months to January 2021 inclusive, after my balance expires (currently over $100 as of today), I'm no longer going to EVER use Fido again. As stated to the CSR, "when Fido makes such changes, soon after when some complain, it's often about those users NOT getting the messages (text) about a pending change." The part where "in August we notified everyone about a price increase" isn't true for everyone. AND since August was about 3 months ago, one would have though that by November and when my own account showed the type of plan (mine still shows $10 Talk and Text), that too would have already been changed. Note: the illegal and/or dishonest part is where in one column it shows what I'm paying for BUT in the column to the right, it shows a higher amount. The Obudsman is certainly getting an email about it no matter how I was compensated today. My plan IS NOW $12 per month and for Dec. and Jan. the account info will reflect that BUT even though I've been compesated in advance with $2 per month of credit, it's still pathetic that Fido doesn't get their act together unless people complain. I now await the double-speak, the ever so common reading of "The Script" as I'm sure that too is to be expected. Note to those who will be speaking FOR Fido too, your company made a change and you're entitled to do so BUT when a client or account holder agrees to a plan (so to speak) and is advised "for the next 12 months we will be charging you $10 and in January 2021 please call us again to extend your plan for another set time or duration" I expect them to live up to their end of the bargain. The irony here is that the screenshot I took today of the contradiction for what I actually have ($10 plan) and what I was charged ($12), doesn't bode well for future business or those thinking about using your company as their phone provider. The CSR advised: "we're going to have that changed so it shows "$12 Talk and Text" and that's fine but at this time and after I was billed already, it didn't. Now wouldn't you assume that such a big company of cough, "professionals with experience" would have already made that change for the month the price was jacked up? Nope. Incompetent, as usual.

Hey @oggiedoggie


Prepaid services are not on a contract so they can be modified with a 30 days warning. I understand it is disappointing, but the change affects all customers who were on the $10 plan.


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To make sure we keep you up to date, we sent out text messages in August to customers who have the $10 plan to inform them about the price increase.