weak signal

weak signal

weak signal

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weak signal


I'm interested in trying the Fido internet service.

However, I have a concern after a recent visit by a cable technician.

My apartment has only one cable outlet.


Recently, I had a cable technician visit who tried to setup my new tv to the building cable service.

After several tests, he said the signal coming through was weak that it won't support the tv.


My question is will the weak signal prevent me from getting good speeds if i get fido internet service?


Thank you and look forward the reply.  

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Hello Shamster,


  Welcome to the community!


  With whom was the cable technician associated? Did they mention why they weren't able to improve the signal from the cable? Do you know which companies service your apartment building? 


  If your Fido Internet is available at your address, you might consider contacting technical services to see if they can address the issue. 


Hope this helps 😀