coda4582u random disconnects

coda4582u random disconnects

coda4582u random disconnects

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coda4582u random disconnects

I signed up the $45 plan in September, got a cgn3u modem, internet connection was great.


A couple of weeks ago, used my wife's name, signed up the $37.5 plan, got a coda4582u. I put the modem in bridge mode, overall the internet connection is good, but I have this annoying problem, everyday I experience one internet disconnect, normally it lasts a couple of minutes, it may last around 5 minutes, then the connection comes back as normal, I do not need to reboot the modem, and I do not need to renew connection on my router. No events on the coda shows it reboots or anything else, and nothing shows in my router log.


To be more precise, during the short disconnect time, the connection is not completely gone, I may be able to load a page using a browser, then fails to load other pages.


Is this a common issue for coda3582u modem? The modem has firmware vesion


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I have the same issue as described here. Unfortunately I don't have a resolution to this problem and neither does Fido tech support. I am thinking it's something to do with the Fido/Rogers network or equipment. I am very close to switching to another provider if they can't fix it.

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As OP @mglen has mentioned, the issue has been widely discussed:


In my case, the disconnects usually lasted up to 20 seconds (always at bad time when I was in important conference calls and kicked me out). Randomly happened twice a day or once every other day. Some how it's been okay (no drops) for the last 3 days. I run one-second interval pings around the clock so I know when it dropped. Fido/Roger mysteriously dropped my WAN connection for exactly 5 minutes this early morning at 5:55am, so I counted that as a "maintenance". I am watching closely of my network if the random drops happen again.

Hello @digitalchannel,


If I were you I would contacting tech support to see if a new modem could be supplied. 


@SIPN, let us know if you have any drops again. 

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Disappointed to report, a drop of 24 seconds has happened tonight (Jan 19).  Glad I wasn't but if I were in any real-time sessions like voice/video calls, would have dropped my session.


  drop   : Tue Jan 19 18:34:00 2021

  recover: Tue Jan 19 18:34:24 2021


In conclusion, the random disconnects/interruptions did not go away and therefore I cannot have my important voice/video calls run over this Fido cable internet line, since it is deemed unreliable.

I'm disappointed to hear that. I strongly recommend you contact tech support again to report this and see if it's possible they send out a new modem. 

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I am having the same issue here. Happened yesterday the 12th.  I am a newer user. Started in December. Same modem.



Hey @Bikerbob


I'm sad to learn you're experiencing this as well. Did you get the change to try some of the suggestions mentioned in this thread? And did you already speak to our technical support about this?




Hello @mglen,


Had you looked into getting a new modem with tech support? 

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I asked to get another modem, but the tech support said since he did not see issues from his side, I am not eligible for a modem swap.

Thanks for the update @mglen,


A modem swap is offered when the modem itself is faulty.


If our technical support team confirmed that the disconnect is not model related. Have you had the chance to try connecting your devices directly to our modem without having to use your router as a bridge?


Another suggestion would be to connect your computer with an Ethernet cable directly to our modem and test it for a few days. Hope this helps, and let us know how it goes.

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When the modem was in bridge mode, I did add a comupter directly to another port on the modem while my router was still connected to one port on the modem.


I ran same network monitoring scripts on this computer and another computer that's behind the router. Both computers recorded network hiccups at same time. So the hiccups are definitely not related to my router, either the modem has a problem, or Fido network has a problem. A traceroute probably will tell if it's modem problem or network problem and where the network problem is.



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Just got a hiccup around 930pm, this is the traceroute looks like:


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 unknown ( 0.175 ms 0.104 ms 0.102 ms
2 * * *
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 * * *
6 * * *
7 * * *
8 * * *
9 * * *
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 * * ( 16.831 ms


A normal traceroute looks like this:


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 unknown ( 0.217 ms 0.128 ms 0.182 ms
2 ( 18.277 ms 20.746 ms 26.146 ms
3 ( 26.145 ms 26.102 ms 26.114 ms
4 ( 27.676 ms ( 27.665 ms ( 27.587 ms
5 ( 26.038 ms 26.132 ms 26.089 ms
6 ( 25.753 ms ( 25.145 ms 24.944 ms
7 ( 25.166 ms ( 15.603 ms ( 21.109 ms
8 ( 23.901 ms ( 21.835 ms ( 23.652 ms


first hop is my router's internal ip, second hop in second traceroute is the fido/rogers gateway, does the fact that it did not show up in the 1st traceroute suggest the hiccup is a modem, local node or gateway issue?


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The following post explains the issue very well, this is exactly what I am experiencing: 

Thanks for information @mglen!


Given that, we still recommend you contact technical support for assistance. You can provide them with feedback about what you found.

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Based on info from, tech support could not help much.


I noticed my modem's OFDMA channel was disabled today. Based on the above link, the short disconnect is upstream issue, likely caused by Rogers/Fido enabling upstream OFDMA  channel, if this is the case, now my modem's OFDMA channel is disabled, the issue should go away. I got one samll hiccup at 8:08 today in the morning,  it lasted only about 2 minutes. I'll see how this goes in the next few days.


Is Rogers/Fido rolling back the OFDMA change temporarily to get around the disconnect issue? reported much less issues tonight for Rogers comparing to previous nights and even this morning.


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It's been 72 hours since last hiccup. It looks like disabling upstream OFDMA(dark blue upstream light) by Fido/Rogers fixed the random disconnect issue.


When will it be enabled again? Wish some transparency from Fido/Rogers regarding to network change.

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Hello, it seems that my OFDMA is still in "operate" mode. I have the same random disconnect issues. Do you think tech support can turn it off for me if I contact them?

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quick update, since my upstream OFDMA was disabled, my connection was solid, no more random disconnects!



Tech support should be able to take a look into this with you! You can reach them at 1-888-259-3436.

Hey @mglen


Did you get a chance to speak to our Fido Home Internet Technical Support team about this? 


In these kinds of situations, they may be able to provide you more information relating to the service.