Worst internet service

Worst internet service

Worst internet service

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Worst internet service

Fido is the worst Internet Service ever. Connection drops daily. Have to reset modem daily. Cannot access international websites. Unable to connect my android phone to Wi-Fi. Unable to get any customer service. Worst experience ever.


Hello @disgruntled1


This doesn't sounds right at all. You should be able to contact customer service concerning your internet service. You can find all the channels to reach us here.

Can you you give us more details about your situation? What happens exactly when you try to access an international website?





I'm a Participant Level 3

Ever since I switched from Rogers internet to Fido in July 2018 I have been unable to access the Trove Australia newspaper site. I have been in contact with Trove Australia and have determined the problem is not with their site. No matter which browser I use (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), I get the message "The connection has timed out" whenever I try to access their free Australian newspaper site. From what I have been able to determine from online research the problem is connected with Fido's IP address.

In answer to your question re: customer service, all you seem to offer is live chat with an AI system which is completely useless.

I'm a Participant Level 3

Oh, and just to let you know, I can access the Trove Australia newspaper site if I am at my local library, at work, or on a friend's computer who has a different Internet service provider. Therefore the problem is definitely with Fido.

Thanks for the information @disgruntled1 !


What @FidoKenny was referring to was our Internet Technical Support. You can contact them at : 1-888-236-3436.

They are available 24/7.


You are trying to access the website on a computer?

Are you able to access it on your Mobile phone data?


Don't hesitate to contact the support as well though Smiley

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As I believe my last post indicated, I am talking about internet access with my home computer (hence my comparison to the public library, my place of work and a friend's home computer). Trying to read digitally scanned historical newspapers on a mobile phone is really quite pointless.


Once again, I had to unplug and reset my modem in order to be able to access my Wi-Fi signal for my mobile phone (I have a different provider for my mobile phone, thank goodness). In 17 years with Rogers, I had to reset my modem 6 times. In 10 months with Fido, I have to reset my modem on average 16 times a month. That is just unacceptable.


Having done more research online (outside of Fido forums), it appears that this is a very well known and discussed problem with the Fido modem. Some trace it to the inferior PUMA-6 chip.



We assure you that what you're describing shouldn't be the case @disgruntled1 and we do want to help work towards a resolution!


As the other mods suggested, have you spoken to tech support?


If not, we do suggest reaching out to them at 1-888-259-3436. They'll be able to take a closer look and even look into swapping out the modem if necessary.