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Terrible customer service of Fido

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1


Fido's customer service culture is so poor, there is no comparision!


1. My home Internet has been slow for days, my plan is 75mbps, I have been getting 20mbps. I call the customer service. They do some tests and recommend I get a new modem. They give me the phone number of the closest Fido store that will have modems. I try calling the store on Friday (Feb 21) between 5 and 6pm, no answser. I call them on today morning after 9.30am, 4 times and I get no answer. 


2. Finally, I disconnect my modem, drive to the store (2150 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, 7km away)  at around 12.30pm and find that the store is open. There is not a single customer, and 3 staff members yapping away. I ask one of them why they are not answering my calls and she tells me that their phones are kept on silent. I couldn't beleive my ears and I again call their number and while I can hear the ringtone in my phone, nothing is ringing in the store. She was right, the store phone was kept on silent. Is this a business or a charitable organization?


3. Then I told them that I wanted to speak with the store manager. The staff goes in the back and bring the manager. Manager tells me with a straight face that their phone line has been having issues. 


4. He then tells me that there is no modem available and I will have to come back on Monday. He adds that our call centers have no idea about our inventory. I demanded that they have the modem delivered  at my house for all the trouble, and he tells me that is not possible. 


How pathateic customer service is this and at so many levels?  It is no wonder Canadian telecome companies are called white elephants protected from competition by the governement.  What a disgrace!



Hey @musicgold! Philippe here.


I'm sad to read about your experience at the store. That's most certainly not the level of service we expect to provide our customers with and we'll definitely look into this further.


Please let us know if you were able to get a new modem or not. If not, we'll be happy to provide support via customer service here or we can send you a PM via the community as well. Smiley


Please note that I did have to edit out the name of the manager in your original post.


Hope to hear from you soon!