Streaming on PC intermittent

Streaming on PC intermittent

Streaming on PC intermittent

I'm a Participant Level 3

Streaming on PC intermittent

I go to a site and type in any movie.


At first, I was able to watch 3 minutes without issue, then it froze. It looked like it was buffering?  The movie started again about a minute later and played without issue for two minutes.  It stopped and froze again.  Then it started again and played for another ten minutes.  I think I watched a total of 23 minutes of this two-hour movie and I finally gave up. Why is my service freezing this frequently?


Hey @Luvern13,


That definitely sounds odd. Have you tried rebooting your modem? That may resolve the issue. 


Let us know! 😃


I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi Anthony. I reset my modem last week.  Any other suggestions?

Hey there @Luvern13


Just a heads up, we've removed the link included in your original post as it goes against our terms of use


Please note that we cannot guarantee the reliability of using third party websites, which offer streaming services. You can however test your services by using trusted sources such as YouTube (live stream), Twitch or Netflix (if you're subscribed) to name a few.


Can you verify if your streaming is interrupted on those sites as well?

I'm a Participant Level 3

Netflix usually works well, Roku TV freezes on a regular basis but only for seconds at a time. So are you saying that I can't watch that site because I'm a Fido subscriber?  Most times when I have watched it before, the movies played without issue. Now, I'm having trouble.  None of my networks had the exact movie I wanted hence the reason I went to that site. It seems that around 10 pm the network in my apartment building is full which results in slow/poor service on my end.  $65.00/month is what I pay for the highest speed available to me so I don't expect these sorts of issues.  What else can I do?

Not exactly @Luvern13


I apologize for any confusion, I'll try to clarify Smiley


Fido does not limit what site you can and cannot access. You can keep watching movies on that website if it help you find the movies that are not listed on Netflix or other sources.


However, it is important to note that the quality of the streaming service will also depend on the source. That is why the quality of service you're experiencing is different between that site and Netflix. Does that answer your question?


That said, if you're experiencing regular disruptions with your Fido home internet, you can reach out to our home internet technical support team.24/7 by phone or live chat.


Hope this helps.