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Parental Controls

Hi - I want to limit wifi to certain devices (i.e. my kids' devices) between 10 and 7 am. I have read the posts about parental controls and talked to FIDO. I have logged into my modem and located device filters, etc. I cannot get this to work. I have seen some people comment that the time zone is GMT. It is so confusing once you get into device filters. Has anyone had any success in selectively blocking devices with the FIDO modem? Is there a step by step guide available? Is there a certain modem that is easier than others? Thanks.


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I agree.  I too am a parent and NEED to limit acess of devices in my household for my teens. Especially now that they are doing school from home. Bell has this feature and so does Virgin who uses their lines. Rogers has this feature so why doesn't Fido, who uses their lines.  I have been on the phone with Fido/Rogers techs and have been directed to Fido's gateway site; done all the settings and filters which should be applicable with little to no success.  I can't 'name' devices; I can't identify 'unknown' devices; it's like shooting fish in a barrel to determine if a device is turned on or off during certain time periods/days but that's only if the device is known to me......IT'S FRUSTRATING AND EXASPERATING AND WAY TOO LABOUR INTENSIVE!


One one call to the techs, the Fido lady said. "you can do that? Turn device access off and on?" Sigh....after I told her - the Fido employee - how it worked, she had to transfer my call...yet someone else. 


Now that I have recieved my first Fido home internet bill, I was shocked to learn that there is an additional $10 charge for modem rental.... Staff DID NOT MENTION THAT THERE WOULD BE AN ADDITIONAL FEE EACH MONTH!


So now with the additional charges coupled with the fact that I no longer have control to mange the devices in my home, I am on the hunt...again....for a new home internt service provider.



Hey again, 


I just wanted to follow up on this after having looked into it more. 


Prior to use Parental Control, you would need to call Tech Support so we can change the Time zone because it's set by default to UTC+00:00 Greenwich Mean Time and it's not something that can be done from your side.


After the Time zone is set to UTC-05:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada), you can follow the steps below:

  1. Select Security tab from top menu OR Wireless tab (if only on WiFi devices)
  2. Select Device Filter
  3. Click SHOW (device in concern need to be connected)
  4. Click Manage  from the device line
  5. Then see below to select Day/Time (Green to allow; Red to block)


Hope this helps! 



Hello @Laurie_123,


This post here might be of help to you.

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Hi - thanks for this. I had seen that post. That "solution" just shows you where "device filter" is but does not tell you or walk you through how to use the device filter. And it is not intuitive. There are about 35 additional steps required to successfully block wifi to a device at certain times. I definitely share the frutstration of a few other parents / users on this board and if anyone finds a more user-friendly modem even if it means changing providers, please let me know. There needs to be a step by step guide or video re. how to do this. My main question is what time zone is represnted in the modem? No one knows. Someone suggested GMT. No one knows at FIDO tech either. Seems incredible. If i could figure out the time zone, I could take the three hours needed to figure out the rest of it - as noted in recent post by 1POdparent. Help needed! Thanks!

Hey @Laurie_123


Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback! 


Can you just let us know what modem model you're using?