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No prepaid Gift card link sent

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Setup internet in dec. 
didn't receive any email links for $150 MasterCard prepaid card promo.

Called near the end of Jan. Waited for over 45

minutes and was told it would be exculated and will be sent email within 5-10 days .. never received email.

posted here.. told email will be sent wait up to 10 days... email never sent.

posted again... told email will be sent 10 days...finally received an email BUT wrong gift card amount $100 instead of $150! 

posted again here...was told to provide screenshot of wrong email message. Told wait up to up to 10 days for new email with correct link...

whos turn at Fido is it to send me a message that says "check your junk mail folder and wait at least 10 business days." ???


thank you!







Hello @EnricoPallazzo


Sorry to learn that you didn't receive the right gift card on your end.


Let's take a look at your account together to see what was discussed so far.


I'm sending you a PM, talk to you soon.