Internet maintenance in Toronto?

Internet maintenance in Toronto?

Internet maintenance in Toronto?

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Internet maintenance in Toronto?

Thesedays Fido internet is often disconnected. Our home network is fine; I can access modem setting page; The network from modem to internet often disconnected.

I guess you have some maintenance. I am doing WFH, so stable and fast network is important for me.


Where can I see Fido home intenet maintenance notice? Or where should I call?




Hi @sehui Smiley


I'm sorry to learn that you're having trouble with your Home Internet service, recently! 

There was a minor service outage in the Toronto area yesterday, which might still affect some services.


Whenever you need help with your Home Internet service, our Tech Support team is available 24/7 to help via Live Chat, or over the phone.


Are you still experiencing the issue at the moment? 

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No it's not working.

It can't get DNS response.

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Dns server is not responding. It seems fido dns server has some problem.

It often disconnected. I hope it is fixed soon.

Did you get the chance to reach out to our internet technical support team for assistance? They are also available via live chat. It would be best to flag the situation to them so they can further investigate it with you.


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I waited an hour for live chat and 30 minutes for call assistant. No one response. I still have a problem, even though I did factory reset. 

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I've had similar problems. My connection to work started timing out at about 4:30pm. I've rebooted the modem, and I'm getting an IP address, but that's it. Everything times out. Pinging the Google IP is showing ping times of 400ms-900ms, with about 30% packet loss. I've soft rebooted the modem and done a power reset, with no change.


I called Fido tech support a 6:15p. The recorded message said there were no issues in my area, and that wait times were 25 to 37 minutes. At 7:04pm, a woman answered, said "oh, you are calling the internet, I will transfer you", and I've been on hold another 45 minutes so far.


Fortunately, I just switched to Fido two weeks ago, so I still have my DSL connection, so I have connectivity, at least. So I tried live chat at 7:30, that's been 20 minutes.


I have to say, I'm amused that I used to complain that my DSL provider sometimes took almost 10 minutes before they'd answer. Ah, the good old days.


I have to say, a multi-hour outage in my first two weeks, and coming up on two hours just to contact tech support is making me grateful I didn't cancel my DSL line yet. It may be slower, but it's had less down time in the past two years than Fido's had in these first two weeks.

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Following up to my own post here - After 1h27m on hold, Fido played a recorded message:


"Thank you for calling Fido. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot take your call at the moment. Please try again later, and thanks for choosing Fido"


I'm getting close to un-choosing Fido, I have to admit.

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 I guess Fido internet line has some issue since last Friday, or older. At least my issue started last Friday. Don't know why they don't announce this issue.

We're sad to learn that you're still experiencing issues with your home internet connection! 


We suggest you get in touch with our technical support team whenever you get the chance.

While we understand there might be a delay, rest assured our tech support is here to help! 


You can reach them via live chat or by dialling 1-888-236-FIDO (3436).