Internet Bill

Internet Bill

Internet Bill

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Internet Bill

Hello All,


I am a new Fido customer with home phone, cell phone, and internet service.


When I login to myfido account with my email, I can only find my cell phone service and it does not show the internet service.


My question is following:


1.Do I need to regesiter another account to login for internet service? If the answer is "YES", how can i do that.


2. If not, how can i combine or link both account together.


Can someone kindly check in to this, My Cellphone Account# --, internet account#--.


Thank you so much




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@jnhuang1009 When you login to MY ACCOUNT go to the Services tab and see if the internet is there.

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@KAPABLE-K Thank you for the quick reply. And nope, only mobile under the Services tab. Any solution for this issues?

Hi @jnhuang1009 & welcome to the Community. Smiley


After activating your service, you should have received an e-mail with the steps to view your internet account online.


Have you received that?

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@FidoMaria, No i did not received any email after I activated my account.


I only received the internet bill couple weeks ago then I realized I cannot check internet account online.



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Hey @jnhuang1009


Can you try logging into My Account from a different browser and let us know if you see a difference? 



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Hi @FidoPierre, I try to login with FireFox, google chrome, Internet Explorer, but there is no difference at all.


It is very frustrated since I switched from Bell to Fido. It took me a week to finish the internet setup and it give problem after another problem. It seems like Fido do not have a proper system and no one in Fido really care about my issues. Everytime I will need to do the follow up myself and keep calling the cutsomer service.


To be honest, my problem is pretty simple, I just want to pay my internet bill and able to check my usage online. Not sure how hard is it.

Thanks for the update @jnhuang1009 . You're absolutely right, it's a simple request that you're making . I'll send you a PM so we can look further into this and have it fixed as soon as possible .