How to cancel Home Internet??

How to cancel Home Internet??

How to cancel Home Internet??

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How to cancel Home Internet??

I spoke to someone on Fido chat on Dec 1st and they told me to cance my Internet I have to take my modem to the store. I went to the store and they told me they can’t cancel it in store I have to phone. Haven’t been able to get through on the phone - just a busy tone or dead line, chat is unavailable, Facebook aren’t responding, store can’t help me, sent a complaint and they offered no solution to canceling, just told me if I don’t return the modem I’ll be charged nearly $250. I CAN’T RETURN THE MODEM IF TOY WON’T LET ME CANCEL IT. 


Anyone know any other ways to contact Fido?? I refuse to pay for extra days because of this. 

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I've been trying to contact the fido customer service in order to cancel my home Internet services, however nobody is picking up the call. The waiting time is ridiculously long. 

Hey @abhi_sharma96

We're experiencing higher than usual volumes at the moment. We're doing everything that we can to get back to everyone ASAP. 

You can find all the different ways to contact us here and we can also send you a PM on the Community, please let us know. 



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I've been on the phone for about an hour, on hold.

I would like to cancel my internet and it seems, like thats the only way to do it.

This is kind of rediculous.

Hey @jsa009


We're busier than usual at the moment, so we truly apologize for the long wait time.


We'll need to access your account in order to cancel the service, but you can reach out through any of the support channels here. Smiley


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I have been on the phone too for over an hour waiting to cancel. Can you please help me?

Hey @Neon_Turtle!


We do know that wait times are longer than usual and it's due to the popularity of our holiday promos, sorry about that!


Were you able to reach someone?


If not, let us know and we'll send you a PM here on the Community. 

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Can you send me a pm, thanks?

No problem, we'll help out. We're sending you a PM.


Keep in mind that this transaction can also be done via customer care. Although wait times are longer right now due to our holiday promos someone will be with you as soon as possible!



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Looks like Fido has the worst customer service! Been calling 1-888-236-3436 since last week but never been connected to anyone. After 40+ minutes of waiting they disconnect the call. I need to cancel my home internet service but the online account does not allow me to (it says call 1-888-236-3436). How to cancel if there's no one answering calls? I tried live chat too but never got connected to an agent. Anyone has cancelled their service with fido recently? Thanks!

Hey @toronto8!


Cancellations can only be done via customer care and we're going to help out. We got your PM and we'll continue there! 

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I went to the store to cancel my Internet service.  The store me the same, to call and cancel online, and follow through the next steps.  I have contacted Fido all day today, and I am not able to request for cancellation.  What other alternatives I have to complete the concellation process and return the modem.


Hello @zmalik,


You can contact us to cancel your internet service over these methods

Community Manager

Hey @Toronto1235,


So sorry for the delay! I'll send you a PM to help out with this. Talk soon!