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Horrible support service

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

On hold for 37 minutes, no indication of queu length, nor of wait time for a response... finally, the agent could not hear me... I was on a land line, which works perfectly well, unmuted, and tried both the speakerphone (with my mouth right up against the microphone) as well as regular phone, to no avail...

I am still waiting for a reply fro their chat "Ask Jack", (but it seems that Jack is not available, with no indication of queue length, or wait time for a response...)



Hey @tnspinto


We're really sorry to learn about your recent experience. 


You can also reach out on social media (Facebook, Instagram or X). We would be more than happy to help you from there. For more information on all the ways to reach out, you can go here.