Home internet review/opinions?

Home internet review/opinions?

Home internet review/opinions?

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Home internet review/opinions?

Hey there,

Just curious for those who have tried out Fido home internet! What are your opinions, experiences and reviews. How does it compare to other providers? Speeds? Consistency.. Etc!




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The worst internet I've ever had. I had Rogers up until a few months ago, not a single issue, but they jacked up the price. Thought I'd try Fido out and it's been nothing but problems. Internet signal drops at least 10 times a day, I'm resetting my modem every day, and it is met with limited success. Fido tech support sent a tech out and he changed connectors outside my house, nothing. They changed my modem and now it's worse than ever. The process to change the modem also left me without internet at all for 2 days, and I spent over 4 hours on the phone between Fido and Rogers. I can't wait to get rid of this awful service. I had to hotspot just to write this review. 

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Hey @Cameron99


We're sad to read you're still having trouble with your internet. The best option would be to contact tech support again so they can look into this further with you.

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Service is BAD

I have been having troubles for 5 days.. everyday internet goes off and never comes back.. I'm canceling next month.. this is just so stupid and a waste of money.

Hey @Salameh


That definitely doesn't sound like the service we aim to provide, and we'd hate to see you leave. Sad


Have you already reached out to our Tech Support about this? 

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I am having issue with internet and fido put me hold ... for 30 min.. just because i wanted to cancel the service

 Their internet service sucks

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I am Facing the same issue since the last 3 days. I have been on the line for over an hour now and no response. This is the worst service I have ever received in my entire life.

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Hey @Steeve123


Were you able to speak with tech support? 

Hey @Badinternet


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Were you able to speak with the technical support department before you made the decision to cancel? What exactly is the issue? We might be able to help. 

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Disgusting service, I cannot describe to you the lag, the inconsistent connection, the poor signal, and so much more. I switched from start.ca because I would experience a complete service interruption almost once a month and would have a super slow connection at night for some reason. Oh, boy was it a treat with Fido... I've been with them for less than a month and am already cancelling. In fact, I am on the phone right now and have been on hold for 45 mins. Their connection is just like their service. The connection is almost NOWHERE near the speeds that I'm subscribed to (75mbps for $65) and almost never reaches 60mbps in the first place. I have my settings configured properly and often switch between bands and still no avail. I have been a customer with Fido since I came to this country and I can honestly not wait to switch. A money-sucking corporation that can't even give it's customers of 10+ years a discount on WiFi because "there is currently a high demand for our services".

Hello @omak, thank you for sharing your feedback here on the Community.


We definitely don't want to see you go and we do hope that you change your mind and decide to keep your service with us.


We have a technical support available 24 X 7 available to help you with your Fido Home Internet service.


Let's take a look at your account to see what was discussed so far. I'm sending you a PM .


Talk to you soon. 




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Worse internet service in Canada @fidomobile

Call them on Monday and they said I should call back on Friday
Called them on Friday and they
Kept me on the phone for 4 hours only to tell me I can disconnect if I want
Customer service is **bleep**

Don’t use them

Hey @Asek


That doesn't sound right. For assistance with any technical difficulties you're experiencing, our home internet technical support team is available 24/7 by phone or live chat.


For any other request, you can immediately reach out to us on any other channel using that same link.  A Fido representative will be happy to help.

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Bad service 

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Ok. I swtiched to fido plan about 2 mths ago. Evrerything was good before -was also under Rogers network..just to pricey. Only thing changed in my network is the installation of fido modem. Eversince I have been getting dropped signals..I am a bit techy so narrow it down to poor wifi strength coming from the modem..not my devices.

Every since signed up cannot get hold of customer service unless you have a good hour to spend on the phone.

Finally yesterday I talked with their tech support - confirmed the problem is with the modem. So I am willing to swap for different modem. Not this same type to chance getting same problem. Got all authorisation and goes to the store. Now spends 2 hrs there..first because they only carry the same type..service reps at the store not helpful as there is no commission in this.after lot of fuss manager calls other stores..but still no lock.

Top it off they accidentally placed a work order on their system to exchange the modem..now that I am not taking that exchange they start having technical system issues reactivating my equipment...they dont have the authority..so has to call in..niw spent 2 hrs on hold plus ...and got nothing done..

Finally took back my modem home..as it was essential that I have some kindda service for work tomorrow.


So how would I rate it? Extremely poor but sad thing is going to the others are all the same.

Canada service providers monopolize and the customer cant do anything.

My familynis from the Caribbean..thise guys in 3rd world country haa so much better options, plans and service its amazing.

Something needs to be done. 


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I have been using fido home internet for almost 10 days now the speed is good I got the 75 package 


I have 2 issues with it.. it suddenly stops working for like a minute then it goes back to working 

and my second issue is the range, i live in a small condo but still I cannot receive a signal in my room Sad 

Hey @asaad20


We haven't heard back. 


Were you able to get this resolved? 

Hey @asaad20


Welcome to the community Smiley 


Thank you for sharing your feedback, we're happy to read that the speed is good. 


In regards to the issues, I would like to ask you a few questions in order to get a better understanding of the situation. 


1. Do you get an error message when the connection stops? 

2. Have you noticed if the interruption happens at the same time every day? 

3. How often has the interruption happened since you activated the service? 

4. Does your Condo have multiple floors? 


Let me know! 

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I'm a Participant Level 1

I am very unhappy with the process of getting our internet set up. We were told to wait to sign up for internet until the day we move, because we will have to start paying for internet immediately, and the set-up should take 10 minutes or less. Once we went in to the store to order it on our moving day, however, we were told that someone would have to come by our house to "flip a switch" to turn our internet on, and it would happen within 48 hours. Okay, fine. 48 hours pass and no internet. So we call Fido, and they sent someone the next day to come address the issue. We had to take time off work to be home, and there was zero flexibility in our appointment time (between 2 and 5pm on a weekday). He can't figure it out, apparently a line is cut in our house and they need a senior technician to fix it. That is understandable. So the next day, we call Fido to ask when the senior technician will come and they say today, 2-5pm. Well that is a surprise, it's currently 12pm, again on a weekday, and we have to scramble to get someone home for this techinician. Apparently this appointnment also has zero flexibility. 5pm passes and no technician comes. We call Fido, and they say no one should have told us that, we didn't have an appointment booked at all. What a waste of time! Finally, the following week, the senior technician came and set up the internet for us.


I understand that there isn't much Fido could have done about the need for a senior technician. But why would they tell us to be home when we had no appointment scheduled? We work 8-4, it is really difficult to get someone home with almost no warning. And Fido needs to stop telling people they can instantly have internet when, even in the best-case scenario, someone has to come by and "flip a switch" within 48 hours. I sure hope Fido won't charge us for the week where we didn't have internet and had to be home during work hours three times! Very frustrated with the customer service so far.

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Hey there @ek7 and welcome to our Community! Very_Happy


Our goal is to make signing up for Fido Internet as simple and hassle-free as possible! In most cases, it's as simple as picking up the modem, plugging it in and setting it up, and you're ready to go! In some other cases a technician is required to do some work inside or outside of your home and depending on the scenario there can be some delays.


I do apologise that in your case the set-up was not 100% hassle-free and also for the misinformation received. We always want our customers to have top-notch service each time they reach us, and I'll be sending you a PM so we can together take a look at what happened!


See you there Smiley





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I was with Teksavvy on their 25Mbps / 2Mbps package for $49.95, then Fido whispered into my ears, begging me to leave Teksavvy and switch over -- I tried really hard to convince Teksavvy representatives to increase my uplink to 5Mbps, but they reacted as if I asked a 5 million dollar loan or something.


Oh well, if they didn't want to retain an existing customer then so be it.... I switched over to Fido in the hope that I would be content with their service. I know Rogers is known for its downtime from my personal experience, I just hope Fido doesn't follow its foot-steps.


As for the speed, it's great. Here's the screenshot for 300gig (30Mbps / 5Mbps) package: