Fido Home Internet is Very Slow

Fido Home Internet is Very Slow

Fido Home Internet is Very Slow

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Fido Home Internet is Very Slow



So I bought the Fido 150 Mbps unlimited home internet like 2 weeks ago, and I've been having slowness and sometimes signal drops., Speedtest showed speeds of below 50 Mbps and sometimes below 10 Mbps.

The modem is fixed in the other room and using WIFI to connect a Laptop, 2 Phones, Smart TV and a Google Nest Mini. Do not have a Ethernet connector in Laptop to check wired speed.


Followed up several times with Customer Care and Technical but still same issue,


1. Changed the modem - No change in speed

2. WIFI optimized by Fido Technical - No change in speed

3. Technician visited and changed the connectors outside - No change in speed

4. Connected to 2.4G & 5G signals - No change in speed


Does connecting through WIFI affect the speed so much? Has anyone had such issue? What should be done about this?

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just singed up for the same account high speed home intermet 150 MBPS;  I am downloading at less than 3 MB per second and Internet Speed tests find my hardwired connection to be very slow.  I have unplugged my modem several times, rebooted my system and called Fido, but they are closed.


I hope this is an abberation.  Until this point I would characterize Fido's Home Internet reliability as spectaular.

Hey @isjimmyd!


You should definitely be getting faster speeds than that, our teams will have to check what's going on.


Our tech support is open 24 hours, you can reach them directly at 1-888-259-3436. Give them a call and they'll be able to troubleshoot things with you Smiley


We hope it gets resolved, keep us posted! 



Hello @APL_866,


You should be doing the speed test through the ethernet connection and not over WiFi as there are many factors that can slow/interfere with your WiFi signal. Walls, appliances and even your neighbour's WiFi can interfere with your WiFi signal.

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But this is same even though I'm closer to the modem, like even few inches away.


I can't test through Ethernet since no port in laptop.

Hello again @APL_866,


It doesn't matter if you are close to the router, to gauge a true speed test it needs to be done through the ethernet connection. Your WiFi signal can be picking up interference from many things and creating a lot of noise in the signal hence giving your poor speeds. Your neighbor could be on the same channel as your WiFi and the two will clash and create noise in the signal.


I'm not saying there isn't a problem with the Fido connection it very well could be but the only way to determine that is you would need to do the test through the ethernet connection.


There are also lots of WiFi analyzer apps that could give you info on the signals around you and tell you the noise levels and even recommend what channels would be better for you to use.

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Thanks for the suggestion and explaining. No, my connection is not in the same channel as the neighbors. Any specific WIFI analyzer?


Is there a way to boost the signals? Otherwise, I might as well go for a different service provider.

Hey @APL_866,


How did you determine your WiFi is not running on the same channels as your surrounding neighbors?


I currently use this app to determine the best channel for my WiFi.


Is your modem on a line that has a splitter if it is try taking off the splitter or try connecting the modem to the mainline and see if it make any difference.

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I used a different app in Google Store to check the channel.


Will use this app and see.


No, there is no splitter used. Its fixed directly in to the wall outlet.


How can I change the channel?

Hey @APL_866,


When I was talking about the WiFi channels it was merely examples as to why you should not be doing the speed test over WiFi. The test should be done over ethernet, as @FidoNick suggest you should contact the internet tech department again.


In certain cases, once both parties agree the tech can come inside and do the test with his laptop and try to isolate the issue.



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Got it, but as I said I can't test it through Ethernet. And I tried contacting Tech support several times and even exchanged my modem, but nothing worked.

Hey @APL_866! I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I would still suggest you contact our technical support line. They would have an open file on your account and they're the ones who can schedule a tech to look at the interior, if needed.


Hopefully they can get someone for you relatively quickly, considering the current situation.

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Hi, will try again tomorrow and see. Thanks.

Sounds good! Have a great night. Smiley

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So found out that the speed seems to be okey, around 100 Mbps (5G) and 50 Mbps (2.4G) with WIFI if I'm next to the modem.


But since only one port is working in the house and its in the far end of the house, tried to get a technician to enable the living room port. However, he refused to come and check in the house due to current situation.


What are my options now? Is it worth for going for an WIFI Extender? Or a Router? Any specific ones that can be recommended?


I have a Modem model #CGN3, is there a problem with that Modem? since I saw some posts about it

Hey @APL_866! Smiley


Depending on your home and modem placement, many factors can influence signal strength such as location and even the materials in your home.

That said, adding a modem to ours or even a signal booster can be options! It really depends what works for you however as it's not something we officially support we can't really provide more info on them or recommend a specific one but they do work for many people so I think it's best we leave it to the Community to answer this one.


@Community, does anyone have any tips or recommendations to provide based on your experiences?



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Hi, thanks for the reply. Will wait for others opinion on this.


Is there a way that I can know about the specifications of this specific modem Fido has given me?

Hey @APL_8661


If you have our internet that goes up to 150Mbps, you definitely should be getting faster speeds.

Can you check again with our tech support directly at 1-888-259-3436?


That said, in terms of changing channel, it may be possible through the modem settings however it's not something we officially support.


Hope that helps Smiley



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Hi Nick, I did contact them like several times.


1. At one time a technician was supposed to come and was scheduled, but he called me and said that he will not come since its due to a problem with the area. That will be fixed within 3-4 days - Nothing happened


2. Second time another technician came, and he said he fixed the connectors outside my place, which were rusted, he said. But he did not come inside to check or did not check the speed at all - Nothing changed


Yea, no I did not change any channels as I dont see the use of doing it and I dont think any positive outcome will be there.


My only option is to shift the connection to some other provider as I've already tried solving this through the tech support and even exchanged the modem. Nothing seems to change.