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Change in price for 'Internet 75'?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

On my current bill, the charge was $68.00 + tax for 'Internet 75'. The price is still listed at $65.00 on the Store Page, which also indicates that my plan is still billed at $65.00/month. I received no prior notice that my bill was being increased by $3.00/month on my previous bill, the increase simply appeared.


I tried to use live chat to ask this question, but received a message that I was contacting outside of business hours at 3:00 pm.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Same here! I just got off the phone with the customer rep. He pointed me out that it was mentioned in December bill and I had to go back and check. It was very sneaky move. Suddenly from February I'm seeing a price hike without prior notification. I wonder do Fido itselve think it was a proper way of notifying customers? In the bill copy it mentioned in accordance to CTRC they notified three months prior but THE question remains just  sneakily sliding the message in one of the month's bill that too at bottom in small fonts in such a manner which is apparent just to tick the requirement of regulator (I wonder even this is correct) but not caring enough to give proper heads-up to the customer who's actually paying for the service is mere disgrace!

Hello @Nzchy,


I can understand why you feel that way because no one really looks at their invoices right? That's because people are just looking for convenience, the invoice is and has always been the method to notify of payment and any upcoming changes it is on the customer to ensure you review your invoices.

Well, that response was a little bit rude if you ask me, while you may be right on saying it is the costumer responsability to check invoices for any changes, it is very sneaky for a company to inform about a price increase in a way that it is very easy to miss. i mean, they have in big bold letters on a bright yellow square a message remind you to pay on time on every invoice, they could have included a line there alerting to people to go check the message at the end of the invoice for more info about the price increase....

anyways...I think you could have toned down your response a little, or just don't respond at all, other moderators have answered in a much better way...

that is just my humble opinion, anyways...have a good weekend 

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

@FidoRaniais correct, sadly. Check your December bill @GooseGaggler that's the one that it appeared on for me.


Personally, I have my account setup for autopay so I got dinged and had to go back multiple months to figure out why. In my opinion, I feel it could have been done with more transparancy especially during times when affordability is an issue for so many. Especially when this company only a few months ago asked us all to trust them and not jump ship to other providers after suffering reliability issues.

We 100% value transparency and honesty with our customers, @MattinToronto, we certainly don't want you to feel otherwise. 


We’re committed to offering products and services that help enable you to connect – whether you’re working from home, learning online, staying connected with loved ones, or streaming your favourite shows.


As we support more customers and more devices online than ever before, we’re continually making investments to help ensure you have access to quality services, technologies, and support that you can count on.


I hope this clarifies our intentions! Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am in the exact same boat as you. Noticed a price increase on my internet package. Tried constacting support via chat and it said I am contacting outside of business hours. 


Very frustrating experience. 


Hey @GooseGaggler,


That's weird, if you've contacted our Live Chat services within our business hours, you shouldn't have received that message! Thanks for letting us know, I'll send the feedback to the appropriate department. 


Concerning your bill, we notified customers of this rate increase through a bill message.


You can contact us here and we'd be more than happy to see when you were notified. Smiley