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I'm confused by the "Full Price" listed for the Fido 4a. The phone direct from Google is ~480, (regular price shipping included) but Fido states that "Full Price: $560.00". Now, the price per month over 24 months ends up costing about 480 plus tax (a...
With  no baked in subsidy did you not just tell people who want new phones to pay the same for service, but pay more for the phone ? Every person who paid X for their plan before will pay X plus >15 bucks ? But with the same contract lengths and pena...
AND NO I DO NOT MEAN THE SPEED LIMITS CLEARLY LAID OUT IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS What I am talking about is that when downloading from my Spotify account, a large volume of data in the form of high bitrate audio, I'm noticing hangs in my data. Flow...
So If anyone uses the OS Upgrade schedule to determine when to frantically hit the check for update button, don't bother. While everyone knows the projected release dates can be very fluid, pobodies nerfect, and they can be delayed. Currently Oreo is...
So I see that a competitor is offering a lower cost option than my plan with Fido. Let's call them R Wireless. So I contact Fido via Live Chat with the simple inquiry: they offer what you offer but at a lower price, are you able to price match with t...
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