$150 Amazon Gift Card

$150 Amazon Gift Card

$150 Amazon Gift Card

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$150 Amazon Gift Card


I set up home internet back in august with the promotion for the $150 amazon gift card and i still have not recieved any emails or instructions on how to obtain the gift card.

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Re: $150 Amazon Gift Card

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Hey everyone! We understand a lot of you are experiencing some delays with your gift cards and we want to provide some clarifications as well as an update as we know you're all excited to get your gift cards!


Our home internet promos with the gift cards have proven to be quite popular and we'd like to thank you all for joining! That said, the reality is that we are experiencing some delays and we know it's been frustrating for a lot of you. We're working hard on this together with our vendor to get all gift cards and registrations e-mails to all of you asap! 




Right now, there are 2 possible scenarios so please check out the below to see where you fall in order to take the appropriate steps.


Scenario 1: Did not receive registration e-mail


The registration e-mail for the gift card takes about 6 weeks from the activation date to be received. If it's been 6 weeks and you haven't received it please don't worry as we're going to look into it with you! Please contact us if this is the case and we'll check it out. 


Scenario 2: Registered via registration e-mail and didn't receive the card yet


For this scenario, if you received the registration e-mail and not the actual card there are some things to keep in mind, such as :


- If a physical card was selected, delays can be longer than a digital one (within 4 weeks)

- If you chose a digital card, please check your junk mail to make sure it's not there (within 2 weeks)


If you still did not receive the card then please reach out to our vendor, Merkle, directly for an update. The e-mail address is : customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com and in your e-mail be sure to include: 


•       In the subject line: GWP + the gift with purchase offered/selected
•       Name:
•       Email:
•       Account Number:
•       Purchase and activation dates:
•       A brief summary of the issue:


Merkle should get back to you within 3 business days.


Important: It's important to note that if you were eligible for one of the below offers:

- $150 Amazon or Walmart gift cards

- $100 Amazon or Walmart gift cards with the $65 package

and you did register that there are additional delays with those specific offers. We expect to get all gift cards out in the next 2 weeks; there is no need to e-mail Merkle.


I do hope that helps everyone out. If you haven't received the registration email and have reviewed all the points above, you can send us a PM by following the steps found here
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hello I am in the exact same situation. I signed up in September 2020 and have not received my card. I have been advised to check in 24-48 hours, nothing. Then "check back in 6 weeks". I feel falsely advertised and I will be sure to let others know about my experiences if this is not resolved.  

Hey @ct0803 !


Welcome to the Community. Smiley


I totally understand that you wish to get your gift card as soon as possible! 

Don't worry, we'll make sure you get the offer you signed up for.


When were you told about the 6 week delay? 

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Could please also PM me with the details I need to send you so we can get this sorted out asap. Thanks.

I signed the contract on September 16th at Fido Danforth shoppers world plaza.

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Mods, can one of you send me a PM to check my account? I've also signed up for the $150 promo in early September and have been patiently waiting for an email. I have also been checking my spam folders but still nothing. Please PM me with the details I need to send you so we can get this sorted out asap. Thanks. 

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I am adding to this thread as well. Haven't received my promotional $150 giftcard e-mail despite the 6 week period of active service being far passed (I signed up and installed 150u internet promo early September of this year). Checked my spam/junk mail everyday and no giftcard e-mail. It is poor business practice for Fido to violate their own terms of a promotion and consistently lie to your customers about the whereabouts of a giftcard e-mail.


Very dissapointed as a first time Fido home internet customer in the overall quality of Fido's service. Will be complaining to CCTS if this does not get resolved by the end of this month.