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 How about you?


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Wow! I go old with Alphaville's 'The Breathtaking Blue' (Romeos, as in 'There's a boy....with a Little Black Dog') from 1989, but you've bested me by far with Scooby-Doo, sir! My first Fido phone was the same model as yours, the Nokia 5190 (November of 1999 for my signing up); I think I've had three SIM Cards: once when the original needed to be replaced (went through three Nokias, and my first LG) and a second replacement when I got my LG G5 a couple of years ago. That little NanoSIM is currently and happily residing in the little 'drawer' of my LG G6 with my microSD memory expansion card! Smiley


It's a pleasure and an honour to meet a fellow Fido Greymuzzle, sir or madam, and to know Fido's been good to you through all of your years with them too!



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Wow @Scooby-Doo


That's a piece of history right there Smiley 


Thanks for sharing! 

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Thanks, Pleasure!


Giving away my age tough LOL


I hope it's encouraging you!


Keep up the good work!

Happy weekend @FidoPamela

Thank you so much @Scooby-Doo!


Fun fact, my first cellphone was a Mitsubishi. That gives my age away too Very_Happy


Have a beautiful weekend ahead! 

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What a blast from the past.  That Nokia was my first cell phone.  I signed up with Fido in 1998.  20 yrs with Fido and I still have to fight to get anything decent.