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Complaint - Fido's loyalty staff named "Princekumar"

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

extremely unprofessonal and super slow, he/she spent an hour's time to type up a few messages, more time is to make me to wait while he/she checking into it, at the 1 hour mark, this person finally finished the check then gave me completely false information saying that I have a contract so I can't upgrade or change my plan. 

And this is after I reminded him/her that I have two months' left and I will be paying the device off now on my next bill, he/she still repeated the same nonsense. 

Then I got hung up as he's refusing to transfer me to the supervisor. My chat went for 1 hour for nothing. I will be porting out my phone # after this. Bye, fido!

You suck!!