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Is data used on Fido My Account App unchargeable?

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

I was just wondering if anyone knows if data is unchargeable when using the Fido my account app. I know when I was with virgin mobile and used data on their Virgin account app, it was unchargeable. I don’t know if it is the same for Fido. 



Hello @Theo_1,


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From what I know there is no charge for data used by the app see here.


This topic has not been discussed for a while and the Fido app has evolved with perks, a moderator can confirm if no charged for data usage by the app is still in effect.

Hi @Theo_1 and @KAPABLE-K,


We can confirm and clarify that using the My Account app now may generate data usage if it's not used on Wi-Fi.


Hope this answers your question! Smiley 

Hello FidoFrancois,


  Happy New Year!


  So is this no longer the case, then?

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Happy new year @Cawtau


Indeed, the Twitter thread is not correct. I see that Claudia clarified the Twitter thread on the same day as well. 


Hence, the word is and from the latest information that we have that the My Account app uses data. 


Cheers! Smiley 

Oops! I didn't see FidoClaudia's clarification tweet 🙃