Fido app on iPhone 7 doesn’t work

Fido app on iPhone 7 doesn’t work

Fido app on iPhone 7 doesn’t work

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Fido app on iPhone 7 doesn’t work

I have issues opening my Fido app for months. I just get the gear spinning with the picture of the girl watching her phone. It never does open. iPhone 7 running iOS 12.2 and just downloaded the latest Fido App today.

is there a solution?


Hey @John49,


Can you please confirm the Fido mobile app version you currently have installed on your phone? Currently for IOS we're running version 3.8.1


That being said, since you've mentioned having done both updates, for your phone's OS as well as the app, I would suggest un-installing the app altogether. In case you're unable to un-install it, simply remove all updates installed.


Once that is done, please restart your phone and then update the app again. Let us know how it goes!

I'm a Participant Level 2

I updated to 4.0 today and it still just sits and spins....... No solution for this yet?


Hey @John49 and @Jef_K!


Thanks for sharing your feedback, we're always looking to improve our app and we do appreciate it.


The app should be working on your devices as it's compatible with the latest iPhone OS.


Have you deleted the app completely as @FidoSaad suggested? This usually resolves most situations. Can you also test both while on Wi-Fi and while on LTE to see if the same thing happens?


Keep us posted. If that doesn't work it's important to contact us so we can open a ticket with our support teams. 

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@FidoNick , as I wrote already in my previous comment, I tried those troubleshooting options -- and several others, repeatedly over the course of what has now been several months. This includes speaking with Fido customer service directly -- with no solution, no email replies/no call-backs. After all of that, the only response has been a pitiful "gesture" of a $5 off my bill for two months and a bit of extra data, which I won't use -- also for two month only. 


Again, please READ MY COMMENT thoroughly. 


As many FIdo customers will discover, if you read Аpple reviews of the Fido app (and also elsewhere on the net) from the past several months, the fact that the Fido app won't open/no longer works is a problem still experienced by MANY Fido customers.


If I don't hear from you, I will continue my search for another provider and will add/update my comments on the Apple app store to reflect that Fido has not resolved the issue still and that I am receiving the same generic, unhelpful responses. 


If you'd like to keep me as a customer -- and I've been with Fido for almost two decades -- then kindly READ my comments, escalate my issue to tech, find a solution, and respond to us via email only (the e-mail associated with this account).


Thank you. 


cc: @John49 @FidoSaad  



Hello @Jef_K


Please rest assured that I took the time to read the entire thread concerning the app, the steps we proposed and the steps you've taken to try to fix this. 


It is not the experience we aim for and we want the app to be functioning properly on your phone. 


To review this in depth, I'll be sending you a PM since we cannot communicate by email. With that said, please keep an eye on your Community Private Messages inbox. We will get to the bottom of this together. 



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so is there a solution ? I too use iphone 7 and now can't use data when I need it most, during covid

Hello @alio87,


Welcome to the community! 


Are you having issues with data or with the app?

Since when have you been having issues? 

I'm a Participant Level 3

This is an issue for many, many users -- and not just on iPhone 7. It's been months and months. I've tried all of the basic troubleshooting (turning off and on, full rebooting, updating software and platform repeatedly, deleting and reinstalling app repeatedly, just data, just wifi, all security protocols/VPN off). Nothing works. I'm missing all of the app perks to which I'm entitled -- months' worth -- plus I can't pay my bills on the app, which has caused me multiple problems. I've called Fido about this more than once. No tech solutions offered. The best they've done is offer a very minor discount for only two months. 


Will this issue ever be resolved? And it's not the only -- or even worst -- of the ongoing problems that I've had with your service.


I've given Fido every opportunity to resolve the issues, but nothing has been done. I've been with Fido for years and years (and early customer), but I'm now looking for another provider.