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iPhone 13 pricing fluctuations?

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

What gives with the seemingly random price fluctuations with the iPhone 13? I snagged one for my daughter about 5 weeks ago with 0 down and $33/month. I look again a week or so later and it's now $330 down and $33 month. The phones getting older but the price is going up? Now it's back to 0 down but $47/month not $33/month. I guess I'll have to just keep popping in to check and see when it's back to the lower price. The very weirdest pricing anomaly was the new green iPhone 13 was the ONLY one offered for 0 down when Fido was charging $330 down for all the old colours. Completely confusing lol.




Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Proac,


  It should be noted that Fido may have had a promotional offer for that device when you purchased one for your daughter. If that were the case, that would not be its regular pricing. You can view their current promotions here.


  It's also important to note that the pricing of the device hasn't necessarily changed (except for possible promotional offer). From what you note, the differences reflect financing options, not overall price fluctuations. For example:


$47 x 24 months = $1,128

$330 down + $33 x 24 months = $1,122


 The difference noted is likely due to rounding errors. In fact, the website currently shows:


$330 down + $33.34 x 24 months = $1,130.16


  The stated full price of the device is $1,130. It's possible the other financing option was $47.08 ($1,130 ÷ 24 months).


 The financing for the green option you note might have been a mistake as the website currently offers that colour with the same financing as the other colours. It's also possible the green colour was on promotion at that time.


  Since the promotional offers can change frequently, your best option would be to keep an eye on the website.


Hope this helps 😀