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Worst customer service experience.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Everything just messed up. So disappointed with fido services. They don't know how to satisfy customer. They just transferred my call to other department without listen all issues. I ordered device, sent it back 3-4 time just for exchange and repair purpose. In three month I didn't use this phone more than ten days, I paid all bills and charges, today I just got repaired device I checked it still same charging issue, I called Fido customer care they took 2 hours on call just to discuss that I need to send this device again for repair. In 3 month I sent this device 4 time for exchange/repair. If I want to cancel this device plan I am unable to do because I sent this phone to manufacturing and 30 days warranty expired. How come I can pay for my device ( Samsung note 20 ultra 5G) latest. Do something to solve my issue , I don't want to send my device again and again for repair.. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Boy do I sympathize with you! Sounds exactly like my issue - going on for 3 months!!!!


Hey @Gurii


We're really sorry to hear about your experience and rest assured that it's definitely the kind of service we want to provide to our customers.


We would like to review the situation once again and look for a resolution. We can send you a PM from here. Let us know!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am just frustrated with new device. First of all, I ignored a lot of things, when I got parcel accessories were missing that wasn't first time. I already sent same Device for accessories but I didn't get it. I just ignored that because it always took 10-15 days for exchange. I have issue with current device and I want a well working device. It was totally opposite of my expectations. I accept my parcel without accessories. But after 5 days I had issues with charging port. Again I sent it for repair I sent device on September 5th and I got it yesterday after 20 days, here I waste plenty of time on my device. I checked yesterday and I was so frustrated again when it wasn't working again. I went klink today just to diagnose device again and there I come to know charger wasn't working properly. As a result, I paid for new charger. all accessories were supposed to be provided by organisation , however it was opposite. I sent device for repair they changed charging port that was damaged before any usage. At the end, I come to know that as I sent device for repaired device, moreover, I need to send my charger also for

I don't want to complain again and again. I don't have time to do the same thing again. This is the third and last worst experience I had with your services, otherwise I am satisfied with plan and services.

Now I don't want to send this device again for repair because I already wasted a lot of time on exchange and repair completion. Approximately 3 months it took for process.

I need accessories that wasn't included inside the box that were working adapter, USB , earphones, screen protector. One more thing I want to discuss I took loaner device and just for small scratch I paid $150. Now how can I ignore your bad services if I paid you well without any delay.

Nd thanks for your reply. At least someone is here who can listen me. Otherwise they just ignored my issue.

Thanks again.


Hello @Gurii,


Sorry to hear you are having a bad experience with your new device, while Fido does provide a 15-30 days satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with the device they will provide an exchange or refund if requested.


Since you are past your satisfaction guarantee period the 1 year manufactures warranty comes into play and at this time if you contact Fido all they can do is send the device in for repairs since they are not the manufacturer.


It would be best to contact the Samsung repair center and deal with them directly.