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Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone 12 Purchased from Apple Store

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I went to a Fido kiosk at the local mall to ask if Wi-Fi calling will work if I purchase an iPhone directly from Apple.  The rep told me yes, and assured me that Wi-Fi calling will work in that case and that it should not be a problem. So I purchsed an iPhone 12 from the Apple store and came home to try enabling the Wi-Fi calling. It worked for a moment, then later I found that it had been disabled on its own. It no longer allows me to enable Wi-Fi calling and asks that I contact Fido. So here I am.


I've since read here and there that Wi-Fi calling will not work on Android phones not purchased from Fido due to IMEI number not being registered, but that Wi-Fi calling may work for iPhones since their IMEI are registered. If someone could please help resolve this to get Wi-Fi calling working, I'd appreciate it.


Thank you





Hello @anonymous7,


The WiFi calling should work but you may need to speak to customer service as they might have to do some configuration on their end to get it working.