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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G cannot support esim

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The web site of stated SIM Card Dual SIM (single nano-SIM and eSIM) but the phone does not have esim card manager to enter esim. The service certre said I need to purchase esim voucher from store but the staff in the store said S21 FE not support esaim. Is the specs state wrong information?


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Senior MVP

Hello Gregwong,


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  Unfortunately, I do believe the specifications are not accurate. While there are some versions of that device which are eSIM-capable, Samsung Canada has been reluctant to include that functionality on its device versions. They make no mention of eSIM nor dual-SIM capability in their specification page for the devices (see here). I understand you are specifically interested in the Fan Edition (FE), however, Samsung refers to that page for specifications. In addition, they also note:


~taken from here.


  You might consider contacting Samsung Canada to see if there are any plans to enable eSIM functionality on that particular device.


 Hope this helps 😀




Hi there @gregwong , I have found mixed information on whether or not the S21Fe can use an esim. If you look on Samsung forums, there is conflicting information as well as people saying they use esim. My advice is to visit a Fido corporate store, if there's one near you and have someone assist you in getting this done if it is possible. I hope you are able to do this. Best wishes