Samsung Galaxy A32 Speaker

Samsung Galaxy A32 Speaker

Samsung Galaxy A32 Speaker

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Samsung Galaxy A32 Speaker

I bought a Galaxy A32 that arrived on the 30th of September and set it up I believe on the 2nd of October. Anytime I listen to music at moderate-to-loud volume range, the songs fade in and out continually every 10 seconds or so, for about 2 seconds, for the entire duration  of the songs, 

especially  on YouTube Audio, to a lesser extent on songs i have uploaded myself, but these are played through YouTube Music too.When I listen to audio on the normal YouTube it does it, also to a lesser extent. But when I listen to videos (which obviously demand less audio intensity) it does not do it. When I listen in the car through my car speakers, or through headphones, there is no problem whatsoever. 


Is this something anyone has encountered before?


Hey @Colin57 Smiley

I'm sorry to hear what's going on with your new phone! That's quite strange.

You can perhaps ask Samsung's support team if they can help pinpoint the cause.

Otherwise, if nothing helps resolve the issue and you purchased the phone through us, we can certainly exchange the device for you. 
You can find more info on this here

Keep us posted!