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SMS history limit?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Does Fido only allow me to retain a certain number of SMS messages from each contact?  I am only seeing the last 1000 text messages to a certain contact on my Samsung phone. There are several months of SMS missing prior to these. Maybe this is an Android issue and not Fido?



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Hello Cherwill,


  Happy New Year and welcome to the community!


  As noted above, Fido only relays messages from the sender to the receiver. They do not limit nor store SMS/MMS on their servers for an extended period. Once the SMS/MMS has been delivered, it is deleted from their servers. In addition, if the recipient's phone is unreachable (ie has been turned off), the messages will only be stored for a limited time. After a couple of re-delivery attempts, the messages will be deleted from the servers even if they were unable to reach the intended recipient.


  Most phones have the option to limit the number of saved SMS/MMS to save on memory. In the case of Samsung, you can change the setting under Messages --> Settings --> Delete Old Messages.




  In my screen capture, I have my setting as OFF since I do not wish to delete old messages. If you wish to keep all of your old messages, you should change your setting to OFF as well. Note however, that a keeping a large number of messages on your phone will take up the phone's memory. Unfortunately, if the messages have already been deleted from your phone, there is no way to get them back unless you have previously backed up all of them.


  Hope this helps Smiley




@cherwill The SMS history limit is a phone feature and has nothing to do with Fido.


You can go into your app settings and change it if needed but the more messages you keep the more memory the phone will use up.