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Ripped off with no answers.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
  1. I changed my address online. Ordered a new phone to go to my new address. Fido sent it to the old address. Some person frauded the system by signing for the phone under my name. It took 3 phone calls for Fido to admit they sent it to the wrong address. Nobody could tell me if my phone is going to be replaced. Was just told to wait. Feel violated and ripped off due to a system glitch. 


Hey @Filmwreck74


Welcome to the Community!


I am sorry to learn about your experience regarding the phone order. I can understand how disappointing this is for you.


Did you wait 30 days after changing your address to place the order? For security reasons, there's a wait time. You can find that information here. That said, you can contact us through these channels and we'd be happy to look into it with you.