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Returned phone fido still sending bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I refered a friend to buy a phone from Fido the same time & same store I got mine, we both got the Samsung A51 at Millstream in Langford BC. My phone worked great but her phone acted very different, very slow and could not make or recieve calls. Something was wrong with the phone. So she brought it back to the very same store well within the return date time. When she returned the phone she was hoping for an exchange for one that actually worked but the customer service person would not hear of it. Said he could not do that. In fact the customer service person got verbualy abusive & agresive with her to the point where she left the store in tears and left the phone and the extras there. But yet she still gets a bill, WHY? I have been a Fido customer for years and have never had a problem with them until now.


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Hello Knight2hawk,


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  Sorry to hear of the bad experience your friend encountered at that location. It's possible that the returned device was not documented on her account. I understand she may not wish to go back, but she might consider returning to the store and discussing the matter with a store manager or supervisor. She might also consider contacting customer service, however, in order for the device to be returned or exchanged, it would need to be verified that it was received at that location.


Hope this helps 😀