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Phone Financing Credit

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi! I have been trying to contact Fido for a few days now with no success. I recently accepted an exclusive plan promo for my husband's line; however, when they sent us the confirmation via email, the monthly credit (promo) on his phone's financing disappeared. Also, when I accepted the exclusive plan, there was no notice saying that the phone financing plan may be affected or that the credits will no longer apply. I hope someone @Fidocan finally reach out to me regarding this as I would rather revert back to the previous monthly plan with the phone financing credit still intact. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @MLOPA


Can you please confirm where you've made the plan change? Have you completed the change online on or with the help of an agent?


From my understanding, after completing the plan change, you've received an email confirmation about the plan and phone only, is that correct?


If that's the case, simply look at the plan's description. Should it be a Fido Payment Program (FPP) plan, then your financement is still the same and your bill credit will also remain the same on your next invoice, you simply changed your plan. You can find more details on our FPP here.


It's also good to know that you can view your financement details, directly on the Fido mobile app (under "Phone" tab) or online on by clicking on "VIEW FIDO PAYMENT PROGRAM DETAILS". Note that this will only display the current amount being financed, your promotional bill credit will be posted on your invoice. Though at the least, this will let you know if your contract is still ongoing or not.


Let us know!