Non-Fido purchased Pixel 2 WiFi Calling and VoLTE workaround solution!

Non-Fido purchased Pixel 2 WiFi Calling and VoLTE workaround solution!

Non-Fido purchased Pixel 2 WiFi Calling and VoLTE workaround solution!

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Non-Fido purchased Pixel 2 WiFi Calling and VoLTE workaround solution!

So I just signed up with Fido, and brought my own Google Pixel 2 XL which I purchased directly from Google Store. I saw the option in my phone settings to turn on WiFi Calling. However when I went to slide this toggle on, I got a message saying that my device wasn't compatible with this feature. I searched through Fido Support and the community forums and realized that only Fido purchased Pixel 2's will work with VoLTE and WiFi Calling. I also noticed that it says non-Fido purchased iPhones may work with these features.


My girlfriend has an iPhone X (not on the Fido network), so I just decided to take a shot in the dark and put my Fido Sim card into her iPhone to at least see if I could register for WiFi calling on my account. When my Fido Sim Card was in my Girlfriend's iPhone X, I toggled the WiFi calling option and successfully registered WiFi calling on my Fido account and it had me input my e911 address location. I then took my sim card out of the iPhone and placed it back into my Pixel 2, went back to toggle the WiFi calling option, and voila, it said WiFi Calling was now working.


I also tested making a call while not connected to WiFi to see if my connection remained on LTE in order to verify VoLTE status, and while the call was in progress, my connection stayed at LTE+. So it appears that a workaround for non-Fido purchased Pixel 2's and 2 XL's is to find a friend or anyone you know with an unlocked iPhone to borrow and put you Fido sim card in there and proceed with setting up WiFi calling on that device. Worked perfectly for me. Hope this helps other in the same boat.

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HEY Are u still able to use this or has this been stopped.

Hey @nirajdas


So the workaround that was given on this thread didn't work for you?


@Community: Anyone using this device can help our friend with this?

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No, actually I moved out of fido and just wanted to know if this still works or not. 

I am planning to move back just looking for a great deal.

We'd be happy to have you back!


As for the workaround, we haven't heard otherwise and it should work. Then again, it is not something we can guarantee.



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this is mostly due to ur sim card and service is good, no matter the phone,

the pixel 2 may need to reboot to read ur sim and apn settings.

best to get new sim at fido store, have the sales people check apn settings.


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no, all my settings like APN worked. I had to do the workaround to get the WiFi calling to work. I think you are talking about something unrelated.

Hey @thirstyturtle18


Thank you for taking the time and sharing. 


Glad to see you were able to get this working on your end. 

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thanks for sharing.....but im curious if it gonna still work in the next coming day?  usualy it should stop to work since the system supposedly should detect your imei # and stop to provisionning your phone...


on samsung phone it cease to provisionning....

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Still working for me as of today. I even toggle the wifi calling on and off just to test if it breaks. It hasn't broken.

Just another update...2 weeks later and my phone is still working with WiFi Calling and VoLTE just fine.

Thanks for keeping the Community updated, @thirstyturtle18!