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No Data - Data suspended

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My phone recently updated (Samsung A70) and since then it has not been able to connect to data.

Did a hard reset as per Fido's instructions, tried the online chat but was told they are having technical difficulties.

Took out the sim card and put it back, no luck.

My Account says my Data is on hold and asks if I want to pay $20 to upgrade for more data but my phone states I have used 1.01 G of Data of my 2G plan?

Next step is taking it to a Fido retail outlet but any suggestions? My payments are up to date and have never had any other problems prior to the update. Wifi work. Thanks!


Good morning @DaveRaphael , sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with getting your data back on your device. That is certainly a job for technical support through Fido. You can contact support through one of these methods Here or as you mentioned, see if someone at the fido store can assist. Hope you get it fixed soon