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NOKIA c6 and Skype

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Please help!


Someone else out there that have Nokia C6 with Skype?


I have a new Nokia C6 with just basic postpaid plan.  I don't want to to be charged for data usage.  I am using my home or office wifi whenever i connect to the internet.  So i have no problem with that as my phone is already set-up like that.


My question is about skype. I want to use skype in the same manner as I use skype using my PC.  I have the skype software installed in my C6 phone. However,  everytime i try to open the application, it asks me to connect to the internet.  Now here's my concern, when i click yes (connect to the internet), it opens skype and it's ready to use (or call). I did this while i am connected to my home wifi.  When i tried doing this, i am not sure if it is really my home wifi that is allowing me to use skype or if  it's Fido WAP or Fido network. There's no message whatsover on which network i am using (Fido or home wifi).  Unlike when i try to browse the internet using home wifi.  It shows a message "connecting via xxxxx network".  xxxxx meaning my home wifi.  When you open skype, it doesnt tell you.


I did some experimentation, I disconnect from my home wifi and tried to browse internet to check if i'm connected.  As expected, i wasnt able to browse since i have no network connection.  I was aked if i want to use Fido network and i declined.  This means i am not connected anymolre to any wifi.  Next i tried to open skype application.  i WAS ABLE TO CONNECT. The message that appeared is exactly the same as when i tried to use it while im connected to wifi.  


So my problem is HOW CAN I BE SURE IF WHILE USING SKYPE I am using my own wifi connection.  I dont want to be charged with data usage.  I bough Nokia c6 because it has a wifi and i have a home wifi.


So, anyone out there, please help me.  I just want to make sure that i am using home wifi when using skype.  Please provide me with practical and easy to understand answer not an answer reserved only for tech buffs.  Im not a tech buff.


Also, i checked skype website and it says that skype can be used for free when using wifi on your phone.  However, as i mentioned, i dont know if i am using Home wifi or Fido network whenever i try to open skype..  It doesnt indicate where are you connected.





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It sounds like its just some kind of warning prompt when you are running a java applet.  Perhaps if you dig through the phones settings menus, you might find where to toggle this settings.  While your in there, you might want to disable the Fido Wap / Fido Internet apns compeltely for java applications if the phone allows such.   Every phone differs, but generally the settings are similar from phone to phone that you should be able to understand them.


Hope This Helps.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I would think that if you place your C6 in OFFLINE mode and then connect to a wi-fi, then Skype will have no choice but to pass through the wi-fi internet connection. Since the Fido network is now disconnected, you should never see any accidental data charges. If you forget to choose the OFFLINE mode, then you may get hit hard on you FIDO bill for Skype use.