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Mobile data not working

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello everyone, I just wanted send out a post to the public to ask you all if you have encountered troubles with your data not working on a brand new phone and plan. Well I have a samsung galaxy s10 that has 6GB of data that I havent been able to use for the past 3 weeks. I have reset my phone dozens of times, reset my data and checked anything to do with data and still no results. Any tips besides contacting the useless tech support ?


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @Odog4976,


Welcome to the Fido community!


Did you get the phone from Fido? Can you check your APN settings to make sure it is correct, you can find the required settings here.


If all the settings are correct and you are still unable to use data it could be something that was not setup correctly on Fido's side. You can send a private message to @FidoSolutions and a moderator can look at your account to make sure it is setup correctly.