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MMS not working for several days

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Since Thursday October 19, texts to groups are not sending. I miss some texts others in the group are sending, and they are missing every text I send. I understand that there has been an issue with MMS this week. My question is, when will this issue be fixed? It is unfortunate that this problem started during a critical time for me.


Good morning @EMA2 , what device are you using? I have galaxy s23 and I was having the same problem. After an update my messaging settings were reset and I couldn't send any messages with emotion or pictures, especially to iPhones. I changed my settings back to "if mms cannot be set, send as sms" or something to that effect. Check the settings in your messaging app and see if they need to be changed. Just one experience and solution from me. Without knowing what device you use, I gave you my fix for a Samsung phone.