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Long distance charge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi my name is Seung.

I've been a customer with Fido more than 10+ years. Recently my mother past away and I had to call my father long distance for emergency. After long distance call was made I found out my bill was 400 dollars and I was asking some adjustments to Fido customer service. The agent was trying to talk with credit department to get some adjustment based on the fact the emergency long distance call was made. But they denied and the agent wanted me to talk with credit department directly. So the call was transferred but immediately the call was disconnected.  I've preauthorized payment Fido each month so far and been good customer more than 10 years but what is the benefit when Fido does not help when I have emergency situations. I really disappointed with Fido. I still have contract with Fido for about 1 year for the new phone plan but I might have to change next year after the contract is done. No more Fido. My number is 647 878 4646. 

Regards, S.


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Senior MVP

Hello SeungLee,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.


  I understand it is a sorrowful time for you and your family. Losing a loved one is always difficult. Unfortunately, compensation for bereavement is not always available. In addition, when there are concessions for a death in the family, most businesses or institutions would require a copy of a death certificate. I understand such discussions might seem insensitive at this time, however, such documentation is often required when seeking compensation. My sister passed away earlier this year and we had to cancel a planned trip away. While only some of our arrangements were refundable due to bereavement, they did require a certificate of her passing. Alas, our other arrangements were non-refundable even with our circumstances. 


  I also understand you feel Fido is at fault in denying your request. However, it should not be viewed as a lack of compassion from Fido. It would likely have been the same result with any of the other mobile providers. We can always ask whether a business or institution allows compensation on compassionate grounds; however, it shouldn't be expected that they will.


May your mother rest in peace ❤️




Hello @SeungLee, sorry for your loss and condolence to you and your family.


You should note that this community forum is driven by customers like myself helping each other and is not meant as a form of customer service, also, since it's a public forum you should not post personal information like your phone number.


In regards to the charges, you made the calls so the charges would be valid and you would be responsible for paying it. As unfortunate as the situation may be Fido is in no way obligated to reduce or remove the charges and your feelings towards Fido because of that is unfair. If you are unable to make the payment in full you can always set up a payment arrangement you can get more information here along with the number to the Credit Operations Department.