LTE for Home Network

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LTE for Home Network

LTE for Home Network

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LTE for Home Network

I would like to use LTE for my home as a backup when primary wired internet access goes down. Open to usb dongles or routers. Does anyone know where to purchase any that would work in Canada (ideally with Fido)?


Fido has one device in its shop (Novatel MIFI 7000) but seems like it is battery powered.

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  Some providers actually provide Home Internet which uses the LTE network. It's often the only option for some rural communities. They usually have their own devices for accessing the internet (Rocket Hub, Smart Hub, etc). I understand your consideration is for a backup option rather than as your primary source of internet. However, it should be noted that Fido's largest data-only offering is their tablet plan (4GB). A couple of devices could use up that amount of data rather quickly.


  As long as those Hubs are not locked to any provider, most of them should work with Fido providing they have compatible bands/frequencies. You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here. There are a few options on Amazon.


Hope this helps 😀




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Thanks for checking in. Will definitely need to monitor usage. Just worried about maintaining uptime at the moment.


Appreciate the link for bands/freqs. Wasn't too sure which ones Fido has.


I looked at Amazon but I'll take another look again. IIRC lots of usb sticks match one or zero bands so risky. Or they don't ship from Amazon + flex delivery. There are a few Hong Kong websites with offerings like but hoping to buy locally for a smoother process.


Hey @forward


To be sure we're on the same page here, I just want to clarify, are you looking to activate a new line and add a data only plan with a (device)?


The Novatel Hotspot Device does have a battery, but it of course also comes with the proper charger to charge it when batteries are running low. This device however requires its own separate data only plan to be used with it if you want to finance it through our Fido Payment Program. 


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Yes, looking at adding a data only plan.


It's going to be plugged in 24/7 for a home network so not looking for a mobile hotspot.