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LG G6 - after software update today (Sept 20), screen shows "No Command" and a dead Android.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Had a software update to my LG G6 this afternoon (Sept 20) and after installing, screen shows "No Command" and a dead Android. Tried resetting by holding the Power button and Volume Down, no luck. Same as Voulme Up as well, no luck either. Can't turn it off, can't pull battery. 


Any suggestions? Please help. 


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Senior MVP

Hello Ryeung,


  Welcome to the community!


  I appears as though the typical pressing and holding a combination of buttons to boot the device in recover mode and/or fastboot mode might not work with the LG G6. Rather, an android debug bridge (ADB) might be required (see here and here). You should consider familiarising yourself with ADB prior to attempting to continue any further.


Hope this helps Smiley



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hey @Cawtau and @KAPABLE-K,


Thanks for your replies. Greatly appreciated.


I forgot to mention in my initial post that the phone kept on booting nonstop after the "No Command" screen appeared, and later on a friend told me it's called "boot loop" and it's not fixable. 


I contacted LG Canada today and after explaining the situation, the rep told me to courier the phone in for repair. Guess they will re-flash the OS!?


Thanks again for your suggestions.



Hey @ryeung,


Because it's looping doesn't mean it can not be fixed, it could be a corrupted boot partition and reflashing the boot partition can fix it.


If you never flashed a phone and not comfortable doing it then it's best to send it to LG and have them do it for you to be on the safe side. 


Let us know how it goes if you send it off to LG.

Hey @ryeung!


I do suggest sending it off to LG as was suggested Smiley


Keep us posted!



I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Guys, Just a quick follow up on the repair. Phone arrived at FutureTel on Monday and got it back by courrier yesterday. So repair within 3 days is well within reasonable time. As expected, phone was flashed back to factory state; also went through the software update that casued the bootloop and it works perfectly now.


Hope this doesn't happen again. Thanks guys.

Thanks a lot for the update @ryeung Smiley


Hello @ryeung,


Welcome to the community!


The phone is waiting for you to give it a command, to do that press and hold Power, and at the same time press volume up once. Release both buttons after the boot options appear, you can use the volume up and down button to highlight the option you want.


I would suggest you do wipe cache partition as it fixes alot of problems then select reboot. If the phone reboots to the same screen it could be you have a corrupted system and might have to reflash the phone.