LG G5 not connecting to data network unless I reboot

LG G5 not connecting to data network unless I reboot

LG G5 not connecting to data network unless I reboot

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LG G5 not connecting to data network unless I reboot

My G5 is about 3 months old. Last week it installed an LG software update. Since then, whenever my signal gets weak or lost (such as in the subway or a basement), it does not reconnect back to LTE once I have a strong signal again. Sometimes I will get a phone signal but not data, other times I will not even get a phone signal at all. Once I restart the phone, everything works fine again.


Toggling mobile data on and off does not work. Turning airplane mode on and off actually makes it worse (I lose signal entirely). Wifi connection is fine. 


I have tried resetting the network settings, no change. I then did a factory reset, no change.


This happens several times a day so it is very annoying having to always reboot my phone.


Does anyone have any advice, or will I need to replace my phone under warranty? 




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Hello everyone! I'm hoping someone's found a fix to the LG G5 LTE issue. The GPS issue is one thing, i.e. it never works (I found just turning off location services helped save battery too). I've tried all the standard things (reset, install older OS, other sim, etc) with no success. Thoughts?

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I have moved your post in this thread as it deals with the same topic. Did you contact LG to report it though?




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My LG5 was bought in Nov 2017 and it worked well until Sept 2018. Then I had the exact same issue, randomly lost data connection, and need to reboot to get the data connection back. Sometines I need to reboot the phone a few time a day. Is there a solid solution to fix the problem from LG or Fido? Is it the issue a hardware problem?





I understand how this can be annoying. To confirm with you, the connection drop happens indoor and outdoor as well?


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Yes, both indoor and outdoor. I mostly use data outdoor, so for sure the data connection lose happens outdoor.


The software version is H83120b. It seems that there is a new version H83120c released for the region of Canada. Should I update the firmware to H83120c?





Hey @oldwolf888


Were you able to figure out that connection issue on your end?


Let the Community know Smiley

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Thanks for the follow-up. Following the suggestions from some posts, I turned off the wifi-calling. This turned out help a lot. The drop off of the data connection was much less. Now it was around once a day insteard of 4 to 5 times a day. In a few time the data conneciotn lost right after I made a long-distance call.

Hey @oldwolf888


We haven't heard back regarding the phone connectivity. 


Were you able to get this resolved? 


If so, the Community would be happy to know how! Smiley 

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The problem seems having been solved.


1. WIFI calling needs to be turned off. Otherwise the data connection can be lost at anytime.

2. VoLTE (Woice over LTE) needs to be turned on. Otherwise the data connection will be lost whenever a phone is made.


Hope the informaton help!



Hey @oldwolf888


Thank you for taking the time and sharing your findings. Smiley 

Hey @oldwolf888


Thank you for reaching out to us with these updates. You mentioned still experiencing some daily connection drops, have you communicated with LG about this? 



Hey @oldwolf888! We'd have a few questions for you to better assist Smiley


Does the data drops at specific times, like right after a call?


Is the OS of your phone up-to-date?


Have you tried to reset the network settings on your phone?



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Thanks for the reply, FidoThomas.


The data drops randomly, no specific times.


I checked and the software version is H831.


From other threds in this formum, it seems that currenly there is a problem with the version H831 for LG G5. I don't if LG released a new update to fix the problem.


This problem is very annoying. After you reboot the phone, it works fine. Then you don't know when and where it suddenly lose the connection. The only way to get the connection back is rebooting. Right now usually I need to reboot 3-4 times a day.


The currrent OS we have for the LG G5 is Android O 8.0.

For any new update on the OS versions available, you can find them here


My suggestion would be to try your Fido sim card in a different device to see if you get the same result.

If you don't have another device, you can visit one of our locations so they can test it out for your. To find a store close, you can use our locator here.


Please, keep us updated here on the Community.





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I have the same problem. it started few days ago. I have another phone LG G3 and tried my SIM card in it it works OK, but in G5 it disconnects but the indicator shows you are connected. it is so annoyying.

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Hey @pveyseh!


Have you tried what @oldwolf888 suggested? 


Let us know Smiley

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I had a similar situation. I desactivated volte and wireless calling but it did not help. I also factory reset and network reset.


My connection randomly stopped to work as described in this thread.


The only thing that seem to work is disabled LTE. Now I'm on 4g and seems stable. But it's not the service I'm paying for....

Hey @codingtony,


Based on oldwolf888 's findings, WiFi Calling needs to be turned OFF, while VoLTE needs to be ON


I noticed in your post that you had also deactivated VoLTE.


Can you turn it on and let us know if there's a difference?





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It has been two years since this thread below, and I still have the same problem with LgG5 in 2018. It had been working fine , and suddenly the problem started. If I receive or make phone calls, my data stops working till I reboot the phone. No amount of resets help. 



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I am sorry to learn you're still having issues with the data connection.


Have you tested your Fido SIM card in another phone to see if the same thing happens? It looks like more of a phone issue than a network one. Let me know about that!


Have you also flagged this to LG?