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LG G4 bootloop problem

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


My LG G4 had bootloop problems around March 2017; I had bought it with a plan in Dec. 2015. So I took it to the sales rep at costco, where I had bought it. He said it's past warranty so repairs won't be covered. Since I still had my Samsung galaxy S3 with me, I switched back to the samsung.


Today while doing research online for renewing my plan, I came across news that the warranty was extended for 9 months beyond the 12 months warranty sometime in July 2017.


I don't understand why Fido didn't inform me of this. They know that I had purchased the LG G4 phone from them. Had I known I would have gotten my phone fixed within the window. Now I am past that window and have no recourse.


Is anyone is in a similar situation? Will LG or Fido do anything about it?





Hey there @vikx01,


Really sorry to hear about your LG G4 issue. 


I would recommend you reach out directly to LG Canada to see what they have to say about it. 


Keep us posted! Smiley